Class Schedule for Explorations 2022-23

March 12 and March 26-27, 2022    Meditative Practices and Self-Development, with Bev Boyer, with a welcome from Torin Finser, speech with Debbie Spitulnik

April 9-10 and April 30-May 1    Practical Thinking and the Rightful Place of Technology, with Douglas Gerwin, eurythmy with Leonore Russell

May 14-15   Parents and Community in a Waldorf School, with Torin Finser and Karine Munk Finser, pastel drawing with Karine Munk Finser


September 10-11 and September 24-25   Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of Children Today, with Kim John Payne, eurythmy with Leonore Russell

October 1-2 and October 15-16   Healing the Hurt: Learning to Support Each Other as Advocates for Social Justice, with Heather Scott, singing with Meg Chittenden

October 29-30 and November 12-13   Phenomenology:  Learning to See with Beginner’s Eyes: Study and Visual Arts with Colleen O’Connors

December 3-4 and December 17-18   Temperaments and Learning Styles, with Carla Beebe Comey, speech with Debbie Spitulnik

January 14-15 and January 28-29   Overview of the Waldorf Grades Curriculum: A Renewed Pedagogy for our Time, with Alison Henry and guest presenters, singing with Meg Chittenden

February 11-12 and February 25   Innovation Through Anthroposophical Initiatives, with Karen Atkinson and Bev Boyer, speech with Debbie Spitulnik