Reading assignments will be taken from a single text — Guided Self-Study by Torin Finser.  This book is a compilation from Steiner’s basic books, including How to Attain Knowledge of Higher Worlds, Theosophy, and Intuitive Thinking. 

Guided Self-Study is readily available from Amazon as well as from Steiner Books. It can also be obtained electronically. There is a reading assignment for each workshop theme throughout the Explorations course, as listed below. Please note that assignments are given using both page references and chapter titles.  Again, all assignments are from Guided Self-Study.

Occasionally, some instructors may assign additional short articles from other sources as needed. Participants should expect to do 1-2 hours of reading in preparation for the workshops. 

  1. Stress, Meditation and Self Development with Bev Boyer and Torin Finser: Read pages 191-202 (Appendix 1) and pages 3-21 (chapters 1 and 2 from “Book of Peace”)
  2. Role of Parents with Torin Finser and Carla Comey:Read pages 69-79 (Essential Nature of the Human Being)
  3. Social and Emotional Needs with Julia King and Karine Munk Finser: Read pages 22-27 and 27-31 (chapters 3 and 4 from “Book of Peace”)
  4. Practical Thinking and Technology with Douglas Gerwin: Read pages 103-116 (chapters 1-3 from “Book of Freedom”)  Read pages 141-161 (“Practical Training in Thought”)
  5. Healing the Hurt with Heather Scott: Read pages 32-48 (chapters 5-8 from “Book of Peace”)
  6. Phenomenology with Colleen O’Connors: Read pages 117-132 (chapters 4-8 from “The Book of Freedom”)
  7. The Four Temperaments with Carla Comey: Read pages 89-102 (“The Four Temperaments”)
  8. Overview of the Waldorf Grades Curriculum – A Renewed Pedagogy with Alison Henry: Read pages 139-140 (chapter 12 from “The Book of Freedom”)
  9. Innovation and Change with Karen Atkinson and Bev Boyer: Read pages 80-88 (chapter 2 from “The Book of Knowledge”)  Read pages 203-215 (Appendix 2)

List of materials needed in the fall for Karine’s class:

  • Pastels:
    4 pieces of decent pastel paper: ideally Vellum by Cranson or other decent brands. It can’t be watercolor paper. Size min 16” wide and 12” tall, or a little larger. Ryan-media paper is ok, make sure it’s not too rough or too thin.
  • Chalk pastels: basic rainbow colors including pink, lilac, white , black, rose, if possible yellow/white. (A great brand is Nupastels, can buy single colors as needed or a box set)
  • Odorless hairspray to settle it or fixative for dry media. 
  • Tissue paper.
  • A smith, flat board to fit paper size 
  • masking tape, not blue