2021 Class is full. Thank you for your interest, and please consider joining us for the next one in 2022.
Waldorf education is uniquely positioned, especially today, to bring healing and strength to young people and those who care for them. And yet, in order to be effective as agents of healing, Waldorf schools need to have effective Waldorf teachers. While the 40 Waldorf high schools in North America are holding remarkably steady despite a national decline in the number of independent schools, the number of trained Waldorf high school teachers––as surely you must know––continues to dwindle.
There are many reasons for this shrinkage. Reasons cited most often include the cost of training, the inconvenience of travel to training centers, the demands of family and home life, the financial constraints of the schools. And now Covid-19. The list of obstacles to training is long.
And yet the need for trained teachers is great — even greater now, perhaps, than it was when the first Waldorf high school was launched exactly a century ago this fall, a year after the grades school opened on the Uhlandshöhe bluff overlooking Stuttgart’s city center in the fall of 1919.

And so, in light of the need and at least some of the obstacles to meeting this need, we invite you to please join us in this newly designed course sponsored by the Center for Anthroposophy:

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(CfA) specifically for Waldorf high school teachers. As you will see, this low-tuition online course, part of our “Explorations” distance-learning program, will offer essentially three elements during the spring term:

  • introductory workshops focusing on self development, including  practical work in the arts
  • seminars introducing the major fields of high school specialization to all high school teachers, regardless of their own specialty
  • hands-on subjects-specific seminars in five academic areas: 
English—History—Life Sciences—Mathematics—Physical Sciences
The course begins in early April, breaks for the summer, then continues in the fall and winter of 2021-22. Those teachers taking this course will be eligible to apply to CfA’s summertime Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program (WHiSTEP), which will be held in a new format partly online during late June and July of 2021.
By taking this “Explorations” course in its entirety (21 sessions during the coming year), participants satisfy the prerequisite of foundational studies in anthroposophy and the practice of the arts needed to complete the high school teacher training program. Tuition for the entire Explorations course––including the special high school seminars this spring––is $890, payable over 10 monthly installments of $89.