Learning Goals

This course is designed to give prospective high school teachers a lively personal experience of the art of eurythmy and its role in the Waldorf high school. Whenever possible, students are expected to have had an introduction to eurythmy as a prerequisite to this course.

The goals of this course are to enliven students’ experience and understanding for eurythmy and its relationship to the high school curriculum, to facilitate a deeper understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s vision of the human being through eurythmy. The course will demonstrate how eurythmy bridges themes from the curriculum through poetry, music, movement styles, etc.

Classes will require journaling as a method of reflecting on class experience and will be reviewed at the end of the course.
Course Content

Week 1: Introduction to basic eurythmy principles; consideration of the essay Eurythmy and the Word by A.C. Harwood:

Contraction/expansion, dynamic of moving straight lines and curved forms, gestures for speech, introduction to geometric forms, copper rod exercises; consideration of high school student experience of eurythmy

Week 2: Introduction to music eurythmy, making inner experiences visible through outer forms, elaborating themes from week 1

Week 3: Synthesis of week 1 and 2, completion of journal as summary and reflection upon experiences of the course, and class presentation

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