Learning Goals

Students will have:

a basic understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s description of the threefold nature of social life as it applies to education
a clear knowledge of the professional standards for a teacher including timeliness, confidentiality, appearance, responsibilities, collegial support
a basic grasp of the tools needed for life in the classroom including planning lessons, keeping records, organizing and presenting material, engaging students, guiding behavior, addressing learning differences, leading class discussion, developing student portfolios (main lesson books), evaluating work, using constructive consequences, avoiding pitfalls
a basic knowledge of the working life of a school including healthy interactions with colleagues, parents, and administration
an understanding of the importance of balance and hygiene in the life of the teaching including relationship to anthroposophy, meditation, care of self
discussion concerning approaches to independent research

In addition, students will begin each week to lay the groundwork for their independent research projects.
Course Content

This course looks at the way Waldorf education creates healthy social life by addressing the threefold nature of the human being (threefold social organism). It then gets down to the particulars of the life of teaching by investigating research methods, professional expectations, form and flexibility in the classroom, the work with the larger school community, and the inner life of the teacher. We will draw upon ideas and experiences of all participants in the program.