Learning Goals

To further understand the nature and role of the spoken word in the evolving connection between world and individual
To develop the ability to work with lyric, epic, and dramatic poetry as well as with prose by practicing various curriculum-related texts and related exercises, and to integrate this practice into an understanding of the threefold nature of the human being
To work further with healthy breathing, inner gesture, and imagination
To approach an understanding of the role of speech in the inner development of the Waldorf teacher
To work with the rhythms of poetry in connection with developing a healthy relationship to time
To learn to support and develop living thinking through speech
To work with the Morning Verse in connection with the contrast of ‘outer and inner’: the conversation between the world and the individual
To progress in the work with the teacher exercises

Course Content

Classes will consist of presentation and conversation on the various working themes as well as group and individual speaking of speech exercises and texts.

Week 1
Review of previous work; lyric and epic and dramatic poetry; speech exercises; breathing and imagination

Week 2
Rhythms in poetry; exercises for time perception; Morning Verses; prose; speech exercises

Week 3
Work on a selection of poetry and prose appropriate to the various grades. Review and preparation for group and individual presentations.