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Although we were unable to offer this training this year, we are already beginning to gather a cohort for 2022. Spring ’22 will mark the beginning of Kairos Institute with face-to-face and virtual classes. (Please scroll further down for full description) All face-to-face classes will be live streamed as well. Classes will continue in Summer ’22 so that those who wish to take all 12 modules and earn the International Certificate may do so over three years, in 6 installments.

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    Emergency Pedagogy training may be either taken in stand alone segments of two modules or as a whole 12-module certificate program.

Kairos Institute 2022:

Training in Trauma Outreach with Bernd Ruf Modules 1+2 (First two of 12 )

We are looking forward to welcoming in 2022 Bernd Ruf, founder of the Parzival Zentrum in Karlsruhe, who will help us launch a new initiative called the Kairos Institute. Bernd will teach the first two modules on psycho-trauma as we inaugurate a new multi-year training in Emergency Pedagogy (EP)

This new twelve-module Training in Trauma Outreach Program will be co-sponsored by the Center for Anthroposophy and Antioch University New England and can be taken either in segments of two modules at a time or as a full series of twelve, leading to an internationally recognized Certificate in Emergency Pedagogy.

The first two modules offered in 2022,  will  feature daily classes with Bernd Ruf as well as workshops with Reinaldo G. Nasimento from Sao Paolo, Brazil – a special needs educator, who has completed 13 International EP interventions – and with Katrin Sauerland from Germany, an art therapist, who has completed 9 International EP interventions.


Bernd Ruf

Bernd Ruf, co-founded the Waldorf School in Karlsruhe, where he also taught for 20 years, is Director of the Parzifal Centre, a special needs education centre. He is also Managing Director of the Friends of Waldorf Education, where he heads the Emergency Pedagogy crisis interventions in war and disaster zones. A lecturer around the world, Bernd is the author of Educating Traumatized ChildrenWaldorf Education in Crisis Intervention


Trauma Outreach Workshop Leaders:

Reinaldo Nascimento

Reinaldo Nascimento, social therapist, physical educator, psycho-pedagogue, emergency and trauma educator is co-founder of the Association of Emergency Pedagogy in Brazil as well as coordinator of the interventions of the international team of Emergency Pedagogy Without Borders and member of the Iberoamerican-Caribbean Network of Emergency Pedagogy. He has been to Kenya, Lebanon, Philippines, Iraq, Gaza Strip, Nepal, France, Ecuador, Mexico, United States, Mozambique and on the border of Brazil with Venezuela working with Venezuelan refugees. Reinaldo also trains teachers and social workers in Latin America, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal. He works mainly with children and young people, using games and the play of rhythm in group exercises and body percussion.

Katrin Sauerland

Katrin Sauerland, an Art Therapist and Trauma Therapist for Emergency Aid, has travelled to Gaza and Kurdistan/ Iraq with an NGO for  the past 10 years, working artistically with children and their carers. Katrin has her own practice in which she offers teacher training and interdisciplinary art therapy, including creating art projects with refugees and asylum seekers. She is passionate about facilitating a creative space for children and adults with traumatic experiences through art, to help restore a sense of autonomy, self-determination, and the possibility for development, inspired by  Fritz Perls’ words “Don’t push the river, it flows by itself”. 



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