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Schedule of Online Classes for Spring Term 2021

DatesExplorations Theme
Saturdays and Sundays 12:00-2:00 pm EST
Administration Training
Saturdays 3:00-4:15 pm EST
April 3, 2021Stress, Self Development I
Torin Finser, Bev Boyer, Debra Spitulnik
Program Overview and Setting Expectations
Torin Finser, Karen Atkinson
April 17-18, 2021Stress, Self Development II
Torin Finser, Bev Boyer, Debra Spitulnik
Agreements in Organizations and Schools
Torin Finser
May 1-2, 2021Practical Thinking and the Rightful Place of Technology I Douglas Gerwin, Leonore RussellRole of Pedagogical Leadership
Karen Atkinson
May 29-30, 2021Practical Thinking and the Rightful Place of Technology II Douglas Gerwin, Leonore RussellRhythms of Administra on and HR
Denese Giordano

Summer 2021: Renewal Course Online July 5-9, 2021
Waldorf School Administration
with Torin Finser and Carla Beebe Comey
Themes for Fall and Winter 2021-2022
Management and Leadership with Torin Finser
Committees, Communication, and Delegation with Luke Goodwin
Rhythms of Administration and HR with Denese Giordano
Role of Pedagogical Leadership with Karen Atkinson
Eurythmy in the Workplace with Carla Beebe Comey and Leonore Russell
Social Color Exercises with Karine Munk Finser
Professional Development with Karen Atkinson
Decision Making as a Litmus Test for Leaders with Torin Finser
History of Threefolding with Milan Daler
Role Clarity and Authority with Torin Finser
Role of the Board of Trustees with Emily Schwerin Whyte
Community Development with Lisa Mahar
Authority, Influence and “Creative Tensions” in our Public and Private Waldorf Schools with Caleb Buckley
How to Handle Difficult Conversations and the Art of Facilitation with Cathie Foote
Working Together; Board, Faculty and Administration with Luke Goodwin
The Business Office and Developing a Team with Denese Giordano
Grief and Trauma in our Communities with Cathie Foote
Working with Money with Mark Finser
A Successful Capital Campaign with Lynne Espy
Restorative Conversations with Kirsten Christopherson-Clark
Social Emotional Needs with Kim John Payne
Racialized Trauma, TBA
Administrative Roles in Public Waldorf Schools with Karin Meadows
Leadership in Public Waldorf Schools with Caleb Buckley
Case Studies, In Collaboration with Participants
Leadership Perspectives and Framing with Torin Finser
Organizational Trauma with Torin Finser
Strategic vs. Tactical and Working with Resistance with Torin Finser Association Connections with Karen Atkinson
Autumn 2021: Possible Residency II in Keene, NH (TBA)
October 8-12, 2021 (Friday evening to Tuesday noon)
Spring 2022: Residency III in Keene, NH
April 22-26, 2022 (Friday evening to Tuesday noon)

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Please note: Some of the presenters are available for individual mentoring. If a participant is interested in such private consultations, Karen can help make the connection. Contractual arrangements and payments are made on an individual basis and are not part of payments to CfA