Renewal Week 1 Faculty Hub

Contact Information

Karen Atkinson – Renewal Courses Coordinator

Karine Munk Finser – Director of Professional Development

Milan Daler – Administrator
603-654-2566 office
603-732-6102 mobile

Sage Lewis – Tech Support
text and voice: 330-416-7519


Course Pages Each Participant Will Receive


You can upload resource documents for Sage to put on your Portal page here. (Please select the folder for your course and upload your content into that folder.)  This will be the folder your participants access for resources. So please only put final versions here and only put them in this folder when you are ready for your participants to access the content.

Here is a link to a CfA template if you’d like to put your content in that format.

Here is an editable version of the Week 1 Master Schedule that you can customize for your specific course.

Video Tutorial On Using Zoom


Renewal Faculty List

Renewal WeekFirst NameLast NameEmailCourse Name
Week 1 RenewalChristofWiechertcjwiechert@web.deKeynote Address and Daily Lectures
Week 1
Curative Education
Week 1
Teaching Grade 1
Week 1
Teaching Grade 2
Week 1
Teaching Grade 3
Week 1
Teaching Grade 4
Week 1
Teaching Grade 5
Week 1
Teaching Grade 6
Week 1
Teaching Grade 7
Week 1
Teaching Grade 8
Week 1 and 2 RenewalMegChittendenmeg.odell.kelly@gmail.comSinging
Week 1 and 2