Renewal Week 2 Faculty Hub

Contact Information

Karen Atkinson – Renewal Courses Coordinator

Karine Munk Finser – Director of Professional Development

Milan Daler – Administrator
603-654-2566 office
603-732-6102 mobile

Sage Lewis – Tech Support
text and voice: 330-416-7519

Course Pages Each Participant Will Receive


You can upload resource documents for Sage to put on your Portal page here.
You might send me a quick email to let me know they are up so I don’t miss them (

Here is a link to a CfA template if you’d like to put your content in that format.

Renewal Faculty List
Week 2
Painting Out of the Color: A Path towards Artistic Freedom
Week 2 RenewalCarlaBeebe
Waldorf School Administration
Week 2
Sacred Hospitality
Week 2 RenewalMichaelD’Aleospalight@verizon.netLiving Thinking
Week 2
Waldorf School Administration
Week 2
Teaching Physical Sciences in Grades 6, 7, and 8
Week 1 and 2 RenewalMegChittendenmeg.odell.kelly@gmail.comSinging
Week 1 and 2 Renewal