Few reflections from our Renewal Courses participants:

I return to Renewal year after year because I can count on the quality of the offerings: dynamic courses, fabulous instructors, nutritious food and wonderful cultural events in the evenings…. every year!

Renewal supports my professional development as a teacher while giving me respite and time to “tank up” again.

I want you to know you do a great job.  Thank you for you dedication, inspiration and practical help.

I feel truly refreshed and ready to take on my year ahead.  

I so appreciate all the work that goes on behind the scenes that makes it run so smoothly.

We have so much fun together:  the skits, the talent night, the open-air events and long conversations over meals.  These are the things that are often neglected in everyday working life, yet are so much appreciated during Renewal.

You have kept down the price of a week of Renewal even though so many other things have gone up…… and the practicing teacher scholarships really make a difference.  Thanks so much!

The faculty are so dedicated and enthusiastic……..both depth and breadth in each course.  I have often wanted to do more than one at a time; so instead I come back again and again.

The campus is superb……. Views of the mountains, long hiking trails, swimming pool, lovely new buildings and minimal humidity….. an ideal setting for summer programs.

Foundation Studies reflections:

The workshop was pleasing, informative, inspiring, humbling, curiosity enhancing, experiment conducting.  We covered such topics as:  alignment with the structure of all life, exercises for practice, caveats, trials, reverence, patience inner peace, inner life, meditation; and in song; harmony, major/minor chords, love of song, being in sound and so much more that I’m not even aware of.
Foundation Studies Student 

I had few expectations except for worrying I wouldn’t be able to understand it.  But I did understand it.  (Surprise!)  The instructor made the parts I found odd seem less odd.  There’s a lot of value in Steiner’s writings.  
– Foundation Studies Student 

My expectations were exceeded in the sense of understanding more and taking away more that I would have expected given my lack of success in penetrating Steiner when studying on my own. 
– Foundation Studies Student 

Biography made me aware of how important it is to share our stories.  It creates more empathy and sympathy between us, which created increased understanding in a community of people.  Biography also helps each of us process our own experiences in life.
– Foundation Studies Student