The Davis Library Team

It takes a village! Small towns with thriving libraries like Stoddard need lots of support from the entire community. We couldn’t bring you all the resources and programs we offer without our dedicated trustees, staff, friends, and volunteers!

a portrait of Inga

Inga Dellea

Library Director

Inga has been working in public libraries since 2008. She majored in French and Education at Keene State College and is wrapping up a Master’s in Library Science with a Graduate Academic Certificate in Rural Librarianship through the University of North Texas. She is also the part-time librarian for the James Faulkner Elementary School!

Portrait of Martha

Martha Detore-Woods

Assistant Librarian

Martha is the library’s manager of cataloging, aesthetics, displays, maker projects, interlibrary loans, and so much more! From shelving to book repairs to crafting, her 25 years of public library experience make her an irreplaceable jack of all trades. She is always ready with a warm welcome and cheery service!

Kathy Winslow

Library Assistant

Kathy is a new resident and enthusiastic new member of the DPL Team. Her background in Social Work and service of the greater good will shine clear and true the moment you meet her! She is thrilled to meet more members of this community and can’t wait to get involved in DPL’s wonderful programs and services.

Portrait of Josh

Josh Murray

Library Assistant

Josh is a former Marine who served three combat tours in Iraq. After being honorably discharged, he went on to become a full-time EMT and later a full-time police officer. In early 2020 he left public service and enrolled in college, where he is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology with an Advanced Certificate in software development.


Donall Healy, Chair

Jan McGonagle, Treasurer

Christine Haase, Secretary

Angel Nicoletti, Alternate

Debbi Kingsbury, Alternate


Meetings at 7PM 3rd Mondays of each month, unless otherwise noted


The Davis Public Library shall be maintained for the free use of all the inhabitants of the Town of Stoddard. It shall be operated in accordance with current New Hampshire Library Laws as outlined in New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA) Chapter 202-A. The Library Trustees shall have the entire custody and management of the public library. The Board shall consist of a total of three elected trustees. The term of office for each Trustee is for three years from the date of the May Town Meeting. The positions of Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary are reviewed on an annual basis in May for any changes to responsibilities.


The Friends of the Davis Public Library believe libraries are very important to the health of a community. The organization raises awareness of library activities and raises funds to supplement library resources of interest and benefit to the Stoddard community. One may become a Friend of the Library with a donation of $5.00 or whatever one chooses to give to the Friends’ organization. The Friends of the Davis Public Library is a 501(3)(C) entity and therefore donations are tax deductible. Some of the past activities that the Friends have participated in or supported are:
  • Children’s reading program
  • Book sales
  • Tag sale
  • Screened gazebo for reading and WiFi


We are interested in involving as much of the community as possible and expanding the access to the Davis Public Library to all age groups.


All meetings will continue to be at the Davis Public Library. All who are interested in supporting the Friends activities for the library are welcome.