A program for administrators, staff, trustees and pedagogical leaders serving Waldorf schools.

New 2022-23 Cohort begins this spring!

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Administrator Training

This low-residency program is designed to support independent and public Waldorf school administrators, staff, trustees, and pedagogical leaders through professional development and training that builds skills, capacities, and understanding of their vital roles in Waldorf schools. The program includes workshops, guided exercises, case studies, mentoring, and presentations in areas such as group dynamics, role clarity, communication, conflict resolution, navigating change efforts, strategic vs tactical decision making, community development, and collaborative leadership among other topics brought by our stellar guest presenters.


Explorations takes up burning current topics along with contemplative studies and the practice of the arts through anthroposophy as a method of inquiry. This online course is offered as a supplementary seminar designed to support and inspire both independent and public Waldorf school administrators and pedagogical leaders. Exploration classes meet twice monthly during the school year beginning in March 2022. For more information, please visit our website. centerforanthroposophy.org

 Administration and Leadership Development Course 

Through a combination of virtual and in-person classes, participants will engage in seminars designed to cultivate the capacities needed for serving in leadership positions. Beginning in May 2022, participants will attend a program orientation online, followed by a one-week on-line intensive from June 26-30, 2022. Virtual meetings will continue twice monthly during the 2022-23 school year, with the addition of two in-person, long weekend intensives held in Keene, NH; October 2022 and April 2023.

Who should attend?
  • Newly hired school administrators and administrative staff in admissions, HR, business, development, marketing, etc.
  • Experienced administrators* seeking renewal and further professional development.
  • Past Explorations program graduates* wishing to focus on Waldorf administration and leadership.
  • Pedagogical leaders*: school directors, faculty chair, college chair, section chairs, principal (public Waldorf), and committee chairs.
  • Trustees seeking greater collaboration among school decision making groups.
  • Lead parents who wish to serve their school in present or future leadership roles.
Program Leadership

Torin M. Finser, Program Director

Karen Atkinson, Program Coordinator

Program Presenters

The 2021-22 guest speakers and artistic leaders included:

  • Leonore Russell
  • Karine Munk Finser
  • Kim John Payne
  • Lisa Mahar
  • Cathie Foote
  • Luke Goodwin
  • Denese Giordano
  • Caleb Buckley
  • Kirsten Christopherson-Clark
  • Sian Owen-Cruise
  • Devona Stalnaker-Shofner
  • Chiaki Uchiyama
  • Michal Noer

Option A $3,200 Explorations plus Leadership Seminars. 

Option B $1,800 Leadership Seminars only. For past Exploration and Waldorf Teacher Ed program graduates as well as Experienced Teachers.* 

*If you have 5 or more years experience in a Waldorf school as a teacher or other pedagogical role, or you have previously taken and graduated from the Explorations program (or other foundational studies) or Waldorf teacher education, you may opt out of the Explorations sessions and just do the administrative courses: Saturday online seminars from 3:00-4:30 and three intensives; July, October and April. *Note, October and April intensives will take place in-person, in Keene, NH.

For schools interested in sending a delegation of 3 or more participants, please contact us for a discount. 

Acceptance  is on a first come first served basis and space is limited. We strongly suggest early registration. 

For more information contact:   

Karen Atkinson, Program Coordinator at karen@centerforanthroposophy.org                                              

For registration assistance contact: 

Milan Daler, Administrator at milan@centerforanthroposophy.org or (603) 654-2566

Please be advised that all credit card payments are subject to a 3% processing fee. To avoid theses fees you may choose during the registration process to mail paper check(s) instead, making sure that both deposit and any subsequent payment plan installments are mailed in according to agreed upon schedule, thus ensuring that your tuition is paid on time and your account remains in good standing. Thank you!

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