Publications by CfA Faculty

Arthur Auer

Learning about the World through Modeling

(Fair Oaks, CA: AWSNA Publications, 2001)

Exploring Shapes Creatively through Pure Form Modeling

(Hudson, NY: Waldorf Publications, 2019)

Elizabeth Auer

Helping Children on Their Way: Educational Support for the Classroom

(Chatham, NY: Waldorf Publications, 2017)

Orland Bishop

The Seventh Shrine

(Great Barrington, MA: Lindesfarne Books, 2017)

Meg Chittenden

At Home in Harmony: Bringing Families and Communities Together in Song

(Hudson, NY: Waldorf Publications, 2017)

Michael D’Aleo

Sensible Physics Teaching (with Stephen Edelglass)

(Hudson, NY: Waldorf Publications, 1999)

Torin Finser

A Call to Teach: In Service of Waldorf Teacher Education and Lifelong Learning

(Hudson, NY: Waldorf Publications, 2020)

Education for Nonviolence

(Great Barrington, MA: SteinerBooks, 2016)

Guided Self-Study: Rudolf Steiner’s Path of Self-Development

(Great Barrington, MA: SteinerBooks, 2015)

In Search of Ethical Leadership

(Great Barrington, MA: Anthroposophic Press, 2003)

Leadership Development: Change from the Inside Out

(Great Barrington, MA: SteinerBooks, 2016)

Organizational Integrity: How to Apply the Wisdom of the Body to Develop Healthy Organizations

(Great Barrington, MA: SteinerBooks, 2007)


(Great Barrington, MA: SteinerBooks, 2018)

School as a Journey

(Great Barrington, MA: Anthroposophic Press, 1995)

School Renewal: A Spiritual Journey for Change

(Great Barrington, MA: Anthroposophic Press, 2001)

Silence is Complicity: A Call to Let Teachers Improve Our Schools through Action Research

(Great Barrington, MA: SteinerBooks, 2007)

The False Door Between Life and Death: Supporting Grieving Students, Teachers & Parents

(Great Barrington, MA: SteinerBooks, 2019)

Douglas Gerwin, ed.

And Who Shall Teach the Teachers? The Christ Impulse in Waldorf Education

(Hudson, NY: Waldorf Publications, 2007/2012)

For the Love of Literature: A Celebration of Language and Imagination

(Hudson, NY: Anthroposophic Press, 1996)

Genesis of a Waldorf High School: A Source Book, with Lana Harris

(Wilton, NH: Research Institute for Waldorf Education, 1998)

Into the World: How Waldorf Graduates Fare After High School, with Ilan Safit

(Hudson, NY: Waldorf Publications, 2020)

Survey of Waldorf Graduates, Phases I, II, III, with David Mitchell

(Wilton, NH: Research Institute for Waldorf Education, 2007/2008)

Tapestry of a Waldorf Curriculum: A Teacher’s Guide to the Waldorf School Grades 1-12

(Hudson, NY: Waldorf Publications, 2020)

The Andover Proceedings: Tapping the Wellsprings of Health in Adolescence, with David Mitchell

(Fair Oaks: AWSNA Publications, 2002)

Trailing Clouds of Glory: Essays on Human Sexuality and the Education of Youth in Waldorf Schools

(Chatham, NY: Waldorf Publications, 2014)

Waldorf High School Curriculum Guide

(Wilton, NH: HMS Handbook, 1988)

Michael Holdrege

From Mechanism to Organism

(Hudson, NY: Waldorf Publications, 2022)

Kim John Payne

Emotional Resilient Tweens and Teens

(New York: Penguin Random House, 2022)

Games Children Play

(New York: Penguin Random House, 1996)

Simplicity Parenting

(New York: Penguin Random House, 2009)

The Soul of Discipline

(New York: Penguin Random House, 2015)

Bernd Ruf

Educating Traumatized Children: Waldorf Education in Crisis Intervention

(Great Barrington, MA: Lindesfarne Books, 2013)

Krieg – Flucht – Notfallpädagogik

(Arlesheim: Verlag des Ita Wegman Instituts, 2019)

Leonore Russell

Kinesthetic Learning for Adolescents

(Ghent, NY: AWSNA Publications, 2009)

Working Together: Mentoring for Eurythmy Teachers

(Chatham, NY: Waldorf Publications, 2017)

David Sloan

A Rising & Other Poems

(Cumberland, ME: Deerbrook Editions, 2020)

Life Lessons: Reaching Teenagers through Literature

(Ghent, NY: AWSNA Publications, 2007)

Stages of Imagination: Working Dramatically with Adolescents

(Ghent, NY: AWSNA Publications, 2001)

The Irresistible In-Between

(Cumberland, ME: Deerbrook Editions, 2013)

Christof Wiechert

Konferenzen mit den Lehrern der Freien Waldorfschule in Stuttgart (3 volumes)

(Basel: Rudolf Steiner Verlag, 2019)

Solving the Riddle of the Child: The Art of the Child Study

(Dornach: Verlag am Goetheanum, 2014)

Teaching: The Joy of the Profession

(Dornach: Verlag am Goetheanum, 2012)

The Waldorf School: An Introduction

(Dornach: Verlag am Goetheanum, 2016)

Jamie York

Making Math Meaningful

(Boulder, CO: Jamie York Press, 2009/19)

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