Kairos Institute

Healing in a World of Need

  1. Training in Artistic Therapies : Painting, Drawing, and Clay, led by Karine Munk Finser and colleagues
  2. Training in Emergency Pedagogy, led by Bernd Ruf and Education without Borders

*Those interested in Speech training please visit the Art of Speech (A Kairos affiliate)


Kairos Institute at the Center for Anthroposophy

We are dedicated to address suffering in the world, deepen our understanding of the consequences of trauma, and develop skills and capacities to strengthen resilience and wholeness in human encounter. Our students feel called to healing work and Kairos offers pathways through transformative artistic processes.


September 13 to December 17, 2023

SPRING 2024 Residency

April 19-25, 2024

SUMMER 2024 Residency

July 7 to July 12, 2024

What is Kairos?

Healing in a World of Need

Kairos Institute was created to address suffering in the world and is a cooperative member of iARTe, dedicated to bringing a new, unique program that reflects the needs of North America and those of our time.

What is Emergency Pedagogy?

You may find a full description in the powerful Bernd Ruf’s Manual below…

Please click the image above to access the full pdf.

Kairos Institute offers professional trainings in*:

  1. Artistic Therapies: Drawing, Painting, and Clay. We are a cooperative member of iARTe. Students work towards a Diploma from the Medical Section, Goetheanum.
  2. Emergency Pedagogy with Bernd Ruf: Students work towards a Certificate in International Crisis Intervention

*Those interested in Speech training please visit the Art of Speech. (A Kairos affiliate)

  1.  iARTe diploma students must register for all classes and studios.
  2. Those not pursuing the iARTe diploma register for all classes without studios
  3. Register for selective online courses or Summer Residency. (Spring Residency is reserved for iARTe track students)

Our faculty is representative of the global community of anthroposophical doctors, trauma specialists, psychologists, artists, and therapists. Our goal is to prepare students for the unique challenges posed by both individual and collective trauma. Our training will focus on the transformative role of healing educators and therapists across the whole life span: children, adolescents, and adults.

Who should register?
  • Anyone wishing to become an art therapist
  • care group leaders
  • educators
  • special educators
  • school leaders
  • Camphill workers
  • and others in the healing professions.

Kairos Institute Overview

Art Therapy

Year 1

Traumatology I/trauma preventative therapies

Foundations of Art Therapy: Goethe’s theory of colors Light and Darkness

Foundations in Drawing

Foundations in Clay

Healing Aspects of Color

Healing Aspects of Clay

Laws of the Etheric/Astral

Goethe’s Fairy Tale

Incarnation: opportunities and hindrances in human development


The 12 Senses/the 7 Life processes

Karma studies I and II

Embryology, Organ development



Traumatology II/trauma

preventative therapies

History through Art

Karma studies III

Psychology of Children’s drawings

Form drawing

Evolution of Consciousness through Color Health and Illness

Salutogenesis Case studies/Practicum

Veil painting



Traumatolgy III/trauma preventative therapies

Biography and Human development

Case studies




Case studies/Practicum

Karma studies IV


Emergency Pedagogy with Bernd Ruf

These courses can be taken as a training or as selective courses to support professional or personal development.

Certificate for World wide Crisis Intervention

For those who want to work toward a certificate for world wide crisis intervention:

  • Modules and structure of the further training: The curriculum has a modular structure and is composed of twelve modules. Each module consists of twelve theoretical teaching units and several practical teaching units: trauma preventative therapies.
  • The modules can be taken sequentially, but this is not compulsory. After successful completion of each module, the participant will receive a certificate. If the participant has successfully completed all twelve modules, a complete certificate can be obtained. The prerequisite for certification is regular participation in a course. The certificates are given to the participants via the regional groups, but are issued and signed by the Friends of Waldorf Education.

2022: Traumatology I
2023: Traumatology II
2024: Traumatology and Spirituality (July 7-12)

All are Welcome!