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Kairos Institute at the Center for Anthroposophy

Offering a NEW Artistic Therapies Training in collaboration with Antioch University New England

Spring 2023
Residency and Online Classes

April 21-26

Artistic Foundations in Healing
Art Therapies and Speech and Drama Trainings


July 2-7 2023

Emergency Pedagogy with Bernd Ruf
Traumatology II

Kairos Trailer Video

Kairos Full Introduction Meeting Held September 17, 2022

Kairos Institute is a member of the iARTE, dedicated to bringing a new, unique program that reflects the needs of North America and those of our time.

Three-year professional training in:
  • Artistic Therapies: Drawing, Clay, Painting (pathways for a diploma from iARTE)
  • Speech and Drama (guided by the Section for the Performing Arts, Goetheanum)

Our faculty is representative of the global community of anthroposophical doctors, trauma specialists, psychologists, artists, and therapists. Our goal is to prepare students for the unique challenges posed by both individual and collective trauma. Our training will focus on the transformative role of healing educators and therapists across the whole life span: children, adolescents, and adults.

In future years, faculty will include: Michaela Gloeckler, Bernd Ruf, Patrick Stolfo, Iris Sullivan, Agnes Zehnter, and others. We are excited to be collaborating with Education without Borders and continue to offer Bernd Ruf’s courses in Emergency Pedagogy as part of the Kairos Institute.

2022-2023 Sessions:

Kairos students are encouraged to take 3 semesters per year towards the required 1500 synchronous hours. Fall classes are held online on Wednesday evenings and some Saturday afternoons; spring and summer residencies are offered in person in New Hampshire. Classes can be taken individually, or as a pathway towards a diploma from the Medical Section, Goetheanum. This diploma requires participation in Antioch’s Transdisciplinary Studies in Healing Education (TSHE) + Kairos to meet the international standards in artistic therapies. Alternatively, Kairos can transfer life credits of other training when applicable

  • You may either register for all three semesters to begin your work toward the iARTE diploma
  • Or you may take only selected courses to support your empathetic practices
  • Fall 2022 & Spring 2023: $950
  • Summer 2023: $995*
  • Fall 2023: $1,025
  • Spring 2024: $1,025
  • Studio Classes per semester: $275* 
  • Single Classes: $135-$390 per class (click here for details)
Summer On-Campus Housing:
  • Single Occupancy Room – $225
  • Double Occupancy Room – $169
  • Triple Occupancy Room – $145
  • Village Housing – $135
Summer Meals:
  • Breakfasts – $55
  • Lunches – $76.25
  • Dinners – $51.25

Complimentary mid-morning snacks included

* Studios are required for those working either towards the iARTE diploma or towards Speech & Drama diploma

Who should register?
  • Anyone wishing to become an art therapist
  • care group leaders
  • educators
  • special educators
  • school leaders
  • Camphill workers
  • and others in the healing professions.
Refunds & Cancellations

If you need to cancel your registration, please email us at [email protected] or call (603) 654-2566. If you cancel at least 15 days before the start of your chosen course, you will receive a full refund less $75 cancellation fee. No refunds will be available within 15 days of the course beginning.

Portrait of Karine Munk Finser

Karine Munk Finser, M.Ed.

Director of Kairos Institute


Charles paints in the colorist style that he evolved from his initial training in England at Tobias School of Art & Therapy. His paintings can be found in private collections in North America, Europe, and New Zealand. Charles owns and operates Lazure Custom Wall Designs, a mural and decorative painting business specializing in Lazure, a unique European glazing finish that creates healing inner environments. Charles teaches fine art classes and offers Lazure and painting workshops worldwide.

Monica ArmstutzMonica Talaya Amstutz completed the Dorion School of Anthroposophical Music Therapy (AMT) in 2005, after her training as a Certified Music Practitioner. Since then, she has worked as an AMT with different populations, age groups and in varied settings, most consistently in the Camphill Communities. She also teaches the lyre to children (from 5 years old onward) and adults in groups and individually.

Monica has given presentations about AMT and has lead courses and workshops for early childhood teachers and parents of young children about the importance of the ‘mood of the fifth’, providing an in-depth experience and understanding of the different stages of a child’s musical development and needs. She wishes to inspire parents for and teaches the singing of lullabies.
Earlier in her life she trained to be a kindergarten- and later a special education teacher and raised her own five children.

Christine Burke

Christine teaches Communication Studies at her local college and at a nearby university and travels to conferences, Waldorf schools, teacher trainings, and Christian Communities  throughout the world to teach sacred speech and drama and lead groups in a variety of themes. Christine leads meditations online, sacred speech workshops and serves on local and national boards and councils to continue her passion for fostering the art of community, exploring the
many paths of this ‘art of the future’ – as Rudolf Steiner called it. This art of community is her companion – alongside her longtime passion of discovery in the sacred realm of the Word and has led her through literature, linguistics, speech arts and communication studies for self discovery and shared healing.

Over the course of the last 30 years, Carsten has lived and worked with children, youth, and adults with developmental disabilities in Camphill communities in Scotland, England, and the United States. In true Camphill style, he has tried his hand at almost everything. He has carried responsibilities as a houseparent, workshop leader, teacher, administrator, counselor and therapist. Carsten holds a Bachelor of Arts in the Art of Eurythmy and holds a diploma in Eurythmy Therapy.

He currently lives at Camphill Special School where his overall responsibility and focus over the past ten years has become more directed towards the medical and therapeutic field. He serves the community as Director of Medical and Therapeutic Services, is a licensed EMT and are currently pursuing a nursing degree.

Carsten is a faculty member in the Camphill Academy (Curative Education) and adjunct faculty member of Transdisciplinary Healing Education Program, Antioch University. A motto he lives by is that in life we find a true path of learning and he continues to be a therapist at heart, where the listening ear is at the core.

Portrait of Maria Veer-EeckeMaria is presently the therapeutic eurythmist for the School of Eurythmy, Spring Valley, NY. She taught eurythmy for forty years in Waldorf schools, a charter school, and a home-school program. Maria met anthroposophy in Maseru, Lesotho, when she was a class teacher in an English-medium preparatory school. Currently she is the editor of the newsletters for the Eurythmy Association of North America and the Association of Therapeutic Eurythmy in North America.

Portrait of Karine Munk FinserDirector of Kairos Institute. Director of Transdisciplinary Studies of Healing Education, Antioch University New England. Director of Professional Development at the Center for Anthroposophy, art therapist and painter.

Karine Munk Finser was born on the Baltic island of Bornholm, Denmark, and later lived in Belgium, France, Switzerland and England before finding her home in the United States. Karine is an art therapist with a diploma from the Medical Section, Goetheanum. She ran the Center for Anthroposophy’s Renewal Courses for 21 years while being employed as a faculty member at Antioch University New England. In 2014, she began the Transdisciplinary Studies in Healing Education program (TSHE)

Portrait of Torin FinserDirector of Building Bridges and Waldorf Leadership Development programs, founding trustee of CfA, Director of Waldorf Programs at Antioch University New England, post doctoral certification in Management Development, Harvard, author of 14 books, including Organizational Integrity and Leadership Development.

Laura GeilenLaura Geilen teaches movement and games, circus arts, Spacial Dynamics® and clowning to adults, kids and special needs populations. She is drawn to teaching circus arts as they naturally and playfully provide a variety of challenges necessary for healthy child development. Seeing children grow in skill, self-confidence, social and spatial awareness is what has motivated her to offer camps and classes continually over the last 20 years. She enjoys bringing all people a renewed experience of their creativity, authenticity and aliveness through the transformative power of play.

Portrait of Connie HelmsConnie is a consultant to Waldorf schools in the eastern U.S., conducting workshops, observations, and classwide screenings. For several years she has been a co-director of the Educational Support Program offered by the Association for a Healing Education and she mentors Learning Support teachers. Connie holds a Waldorf teacher certification from Antioch University New England, a Waldorf Remedial certification from AHE, a Masters in Special Education from Lesley University and a B.A. in psychology from Connecticut College.

Connie formerly worked as the Educational Support teacher at the Lake Champlain Waldorf School in Shelburne,Vermont; before that she was a Resource teacher in public schools. In addition to her current work teaching and mentoring, she has a private practice doing Extra Lesson with children and adolescents in Vermont. Her three children attended Waldorf schools in Vermont from Kindergarten through eighth grade.

Martha Loving

Martha Loving Orgain, MFA Art Institute of Chicago – Artist, Educator and Astrologer

Martha trained at Emerald Foundation, Den Haag, The Netherlands in methods developed by Liane Collot d’Herbois. She has worked with Goethe’s fairy tale since 1994, in private practice, in Waldorf Schools and other institutions across the USA. Currently Artist-in-Residence at Christian Community in the DC metro area, Martha is creating Star Chart Talismans™ working with drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, astrology, gemstones, and weaving in the word. She is the author of In Deepening Silence, a soon-to-be published book on the spiritual aspects of color. Website: www.lovingcolor.org

Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna trained as a paediatrician with neonatology as her specialty. She started her career with new born babies in intensive care and had a successful private neonatal intensive unit for more than 15 years. During this period, she met Anthroposophy through Waldorf education and later became the co-founder and president of the Anthroposophical Medical Society, in India. She developed an interest in helping children with autism from a metabolic and sensory perspective based on Rudolf Steiner’s indications and runs a curative center for special needs children in Hyderabad, South India. She was one of the pioneer parents and founder member for the Abhaya Waldorf School in Hyderabad. Lakshmi has worked for many years as a school physician as well as traveling the length and breadth of India regularly teaching and inspiring new centers, clinics and schools working out of Anthroposophy. Since 2007 she has worked extensively in Australia as a lecturer and health educator, particularly within school communities. Well regarded across multiple geographies for her integrated approach, her presentations are engaging and heart-warming.

Presenter, Founder of Parzival School & Emergency Pedagogy

Author of Educating Traumatized Children, Bernd Ruf is the founder of the worldwide Emergency Pedagogy crisis intervention center, based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Skilled teams are sent out to help traumatized children in places of the strife of war, or ecological disasters.

Debra Spitulnik Debra Spitulnik is an adjunct professor of Creative Speech at Antioch University New England, and faculty member for the Center for Anthroposophy. As a core faculty member of Kairos Institute she leads the training in artistic and healing Speech and Drama. Debra has led the development of pedagogical speech and believes that Creative Speech brings healing and nourishment to the soul and empowers the voice. She infuses all her classes with three decades of her unique experiences as a class teacher, subject teacher and speech teacher. She teaches speech, drama, storytelling, and curriculum to teachers nationwide.

Goetheanum Diploma in the arts of Speech and Drama., PerformInternational; M.Ed., Waldorf Education, Antioch University New England; B.S. Elementary and Special Education, Syracuse University.

Juliane WeeksJuliane Weeks has taught at a public school in Berlin, Germany, before becoming a class teacher at the Karl Schubert Schule, a Waldorf School for children with special needs. After her move to the United States, she founded and directed an Early Childhood program in Concord, Mass while raising her own four children. With the move of the family to southern NH, she became involved in the care of adults with developmental challenges. Along with her social therapeutic work, her special interest in healing music led her to pursue a training to become a Certified Music Practitioner (CMT) and later on a music therapist with a diploma in anthroposophic music therapy. Since then she has served a wide range of individuals of all ages and abilities in many different settings, Clinics, Waldorf Schools, Life Sharing Communities, the Therapeutic Community Inner Fire and others. In addition to her therapeutic work, she has offered workshops, lead singing groups and music courses within the Camphill Academy, in Early Childhood trainings at Sophia’s Hearth, during Renewal summer courses and introduced Music and Healing as a part of the Healing Education program (MEd) at Antioch University.

For questions and interest in Kairos, please contact Karine by filling out the form below.

Fall 2022
Artistic Foundations in Healing

Online Sessions
September 17 – December 10
Wednesday evenings, some Saturdays

Artistic Therapies: Clay, Painting, and Drawing with Charles Andrade, Karine Munk Finser, Lakshmi Prasanna, MD., Gleice da Silva, Orland Bishop, and Torin Finser.

Speech and Drama with Debbie Spitulnik, Geoff Norris, Lakshmi Prasanna, MD., Gleice da Silva, Orland Bishop, and Torin Finser

Spring 2023
Foundations in
Artistic Therapies

Spring Residency: April 21-26, 2023

Location: Gathering Waters Charter School in Keene, NH 

Faculty: Sylvia Borau (clay therapist from Parzival Schule, Karlsruhe, Germany), Karine Munk Finser (core faculty, Kairos Director), Debbie Spitulnik (core faculty, Speech and Drama), Maria Ver Eecke (curative eurythmist), Laurie Clark (early childhood, psychology of children’s drawings)

Summer 2023
Emergency Pedagogy with Bernd Ruf

Summer Residency: July 2-7, 2023

Location:High Mowing School in Wilton, NH


Kairos Leadership

Portrait of Karine Munk Finser

Karine Munk Finser, M.Ed.

Kairos Institute Director


Lisl Hofer
Kairos Manager

The 2022-23 guest speakers and artistic leaders include:

Financial Aid

Limited Financial Aid is available upon request. To inquire, please fill out and submit the form below.

Limited Financial Aid is available upon request. To inquire, please fill out and submit the form below

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