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Waldorf teacher education and professional development through active engagement with Anthroposophy
Join one of our part-time or summer courses. Deepen your understanding of spiritual life. Renew your professional and personal development. Earn a certificate to teach, or the credentials required for entry into a fully-accredited Master’s degree program.

Mentor Training

Serve the growing Waldorf movement by becoming a skilled mentor of new teachers. Gain the skills needed to communicate with compassion and clarity in this low-residency training program.

Explorations Online

This anthroposophical foundational program fulfills entrance requirements for further Waldorf teacher education and a pathway to certification.

Waldorf High School Teacher Education

Earn graduate-level Waldorf teacher certification in a low-residency program. Choose among six academic disciplines while deepening your knowledge of teaching adolescents.

Kairos Institute

Kairos Institute offers training in Artistic Therapies. We are Cooperative members of iARTe, Medical Section, Goetheanum. Kairos Institute is an American site for training in Emergency Pedagogy: Traumatology with Bernd Ruf.

Renewal Courses

Enroll in a rejuvenating week-long professional development course and return to your school inspired by new ideas to share and put into practice.

Waldorf Leadership Development

Cultivate your capacity to serve as a leader in a Waldorf educational setting with this low-residency educational leadership program.

Building Bridges
to Waldorf Teacher Training

A series of workshops for practicing teachers designed to introduce the anthroposophical foundations of Waldorf education.

Antioch University Waldorf Teacher Education Program

Earn a fully accredited Master's degree in Waldorf education through our affiliated teacher education program at Antioch University New England.

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