Waldorf High School Teacher Education

Be the teacher your students need most!

Waldorf High School Teacher Education

What do adolescents need today to face their future with courage? Which classroom practices build the capacities and skills needed to face an ever-changing present and unknowable future? Which aspects of our current Waldorf high school curriculum still speak to the essential human qualities we all share? What can be drawn from new sources that speak a language that can be understood at the cellular level by modern adolescents?

The Center for Anthroposophy (CfA) offers a comprehensive program for Waldorf high school educators, designed to empower participants to shape the future of Waldorf education.

Comprehensive teacher training program (WHiSTEP)

  • Low-residency format with summer sessions and online seminars
  • Specialized subject courses, artistic courses, and studies in anthroposophical core texts
  • Practical experience through mentoring, internships, and research projects

Starlight Rays
In Darkened Times

  • Webinars for Waldorf educators, administrators, staff, and parents
  • Exploration of critical issues facing Waldorf education today
  • Insights, strategies, and connections to meet evolving needs of students and school communities