CfA’s Kairos Institute is dedicated to address suffering in the world, deepen our understanding of the consequences of trauma, and develop skills and capacities to strengthen resilience and wholeness in human encounters. Our students feel called to the work of healing, and Kairos offers pathways through transformative artistic processes.

September 2023

Dear Friends

Since launching a year ago, Kairos has welcomed 230 students at three residencies and an array of online classes.  The need for healing has clearly been a clarion call in our troubled world.  Working with trauma through emergency pedagogy, exploring artistic modalities and establishing healing practices is now a priority for many who work with children, our youth, and the whole human life span.

Many participants in Kairos are experienced Waldorf educators, therapists, consultants, and school leaders.  All are courageously forging new directions in personal and professional growth as pioneers in this emerging profession. Collectively we are building new capacities to meet the suffering in today’s world. 

Laurie Clark wrote to us recently:

“What an honor it was last summer to attend this very special course on Emergency Pedagogy through the Kairos Institute.  I have been a Waldorf teacher for more than four decades. Many of the children coming to us have had some kind of trauma. The Emergency Pedagogy course with its supplemented artistic therapies and other healing modalities that are offered provide pathways to meet these children. How wonderful for teachers to gain offerings of support to the children who have experienced trauma. This course provides an essential for our pedagogy, now and into the future.”

Our Kairos students are servant leaders spanning many anthroposophic oriented professions, yet many have limited financial resources. Therefore we are launching a Kairos Fund to provide scholarships for our students and instructional support for our arts instructors.  We are delighted to announce that thanks to advance pledges from a few loyal donors, we are already halfway towards our goal of $100,000 in a Kairos named fund that will serve the program for many years to come.

We ask in this year’s appeal that you please give generously so we can support this new Raphaelic impulse of healing in a world of need.  

With appreciation,

Torin M Finser

On behalf of Center for Anthroposophy