And here it is reviewed by her Antioch professor and mentor Torin M. Finser:

It has been my pleasure to read an exciting new book from Waldorf Publications: Bare Hand Knitting by Aleshanee Akin and illustrated by Elizabeth Auer.  It is an incredible gem, an inspired guide to creativity and practical activities for young and old using our most precious tools: our hands!

Aleshanee introduces the book with her personal story of healing with her daughter, and sets a context that goes far beyond schools and curriculum as it is usually taught.  Through a sequence of chapters that include braiding and knotting, finger knitting, whip-stitching, wet-felting and more, the author communicates step by step instructions that all can understand and use.  Enhancing the book immeasurably are the numerous illustrations done by Elizabeth with grace and accuracy.  Just looking at the drawings is a feast for the eyes!
I highly recommend this book for all who care about humanity and reclaiming our social mandate through our hands.  I can see it used in homes, schools, prisons (where needles and other devices are usually banned), clinics, hospitals and community centers.  It is a festival of the spirit and gives us hope for the future.

Torin M Finser