An Ode to Eurythmy: Reflections on Why We Need Eurythmy in Our schools and in Teacher Education Programs

Eurythmy performance

My first experiences with eurythmy occurred when I was four years old.  A small group of children in Spring Valley, NY was given the opportunity to enjoy some stories, verses, and songs in movement with Lisa Monges. She taught us in her large living room (the space that is now the Fellowship Community for the elderly) and I remember the unusual experience of being in a larger group, wearing red overalls and funny slippers, and meeting new children through movement.  As a dreamy Waldorf student in the years that followed, I had eurythmy twice a week throughout the grades and into high school, even doing some additional individualized therapeutic work to help with back problems one year. I remember in particular the experience in 7th grade when we were asked to write poems and then the eurythmy teacher did them with us in class.  Much to my surprise, my poem was better in movement!