When: March 13, 2018 7:00 PM
Where: Adele Grage Community Center 716 Ocean Blvd Atlantic Beach, FL
The Book: Education for Nonviolence: The Waldorf Way By Torin M. Finser, PhD
Reception & a chance to meet the author following the discussion. Books available for purchase at event.

In a world of increasing violence and destruction, many parents and educators are asking, “How can we raise children with the resilience needed to face such challenges? How can we help our children become confident and compassionate contributors in society?” In his new book, Education for Nonviolence: The Waldorf Way, Dr. Torin Finser examines the source of evil and terror, identifying its root within the human soul. If human nature has the capacity for both goodness and evil, Dr. Finser argues that educators and parents must be concerned with educating not just the intellect of each child, but the entire soul. He describes, “In this case, the source of evil is in the human soul, the psyche, the inner life of a person. The life of emotions, of anger, fear, and envy are real forces that work their way outward from within. If one is to get at the root of evil, one has to begin with the soul” (21).

“Education for Nonviolence; The Waldorf Way, is a crucial book for our time. Dr. Finser eloquently identifies the unique practices in Waldorf Education that enable students to grow into well balanced, confident, influential adults in society.” –Rebecca Hipps, Class Teacher at the Washington Waldorf School in Bethesda MD.

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Dr. Finser is Chair of the Education Department at Antioch University New England. He has been an educator for three decades and has been a keynote speaker at conferences throughout the United States and internationally. He has also served as an organizational consultant for many schools with special emphasis on leadership development. He is the author of numerous books, many of which have now been translated into foreign languages and are read all over the world. They include School as a Journey (1994); School Renewal (2001); and Organizational Integrity (2007).