CfA Calendar of Program Events

CfA has greatly expanded its summer season and beyond to include an array of courses spread throughout the year. In the coming half-year, we are offering a record seven distinct programs. Here are some highlights.

Alumni Ahoy!

CfA and Antioch graduates from across North America and beyond are being called together this summer to mark the retirement of one of their lead teachers. Bev Boyer, CfA’s faculty liaison to our alumni association, sounds the clarion call.

Before the Watch, the Watchmaker

In the run-up to an international youth conference on technology, Gareth Dicker peers beneath the dazzling distraction of digital devices to the creative human impulse that gave rise to them.

Renewal 2024: Food for the Spirit, Care for the Body

Beautiful sunrise over mountains

For the first time, CfA’s Renewal Courses will add restorative care options to its popular line-up of artistic practice, stimulating seminars, and practical guidance for teaching. Karen Atkinson, Director of Renewal Courses, explains how these one-week courses––offered both in person and online––will work this summer.

Mentoring Waldorf Mentors

More than two years in the making, a new program has been inaugurated at CfA for experienced educators, wishing to become mentors of elementary and high school teachers. Karen Atkinson, Director of this program, reports on its initial sessions.

Building Bridges across the Mid-Atlantic Region

Having wrapped up a cohort in Florida, CfA’s onsite Waldorf teacher education program rolls northward to a new hub in the Mid-Atlantic region, starting in March 2024. Torin Finser, Director of this peripatetic program, reports on the next group taking form in Baltimore, MD.


About to launch its seventh year, CfA’s introductory Explorations Program draws participants from around the world into a community of learning, artistic practice, and personal development. Bev Boyer, Director of this online program, previews the next year-round cycle starting in March 2024.

Healthy Schools Need Healthy Leadership

Schools around the world are struggling to establish sound practices of leadership and administration. Torin Finser, Director of CfA’s one-year Waldorf Leadership Development program, outlines some practical approaches.

Of Sankofa & the Faces of Janus

CfA’s long-standing Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program (WHiSTEP) is getting a double face-lift this year as part of a major redesign. WHiSTEP Director David Barham offers review and preview of this dynamic program.