Announcing Karine Munk Finser Renewal Courses Scholarship Fund!

We are thrilled to report that a generous donor has agreed to match up to $20,000 of all donations made this year to our Karine Munk Finser Renewal Scholarship Fund. This of course means that your tax-deductible gifts for that purpose will be instantly doubled! If you have not yet made a gift, please do so now. If you have already given, please consider an additional amount to take advantage of this special opportunity.

Our Renewal courses serve over four hundred teachers, parents and friends each summer and have become a real source of professional development and nourishment for many returning participants. Some can only attend with scholarship support, so your donation makes a real difference in strengthening the work in our Waldorf schools and deepening the artistic and anthroposophical foundations of our common efforts toward social renewal.

We so appreciate your support.

Thank you!

Your Friends at the Center for Anthroposophy

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