October 15, 2020


Dear Waldorf Colleagues, Alums, and Friends,


We are delighted to announce that Antioch University has launched an accredited doctoral program for educators!  Thanks to recent work with alums, school responses and many expressions of personal interest, Antioch has agreed to inaugurate a Waldorf cohort within this EdD program in 2021.  Here are a few features:


  • This exciting new program is ideal for experienced Waldorf teachers, school leaders, those with aspirations for work in teacher education programs and higher ed, as well as individuals looking to prepare for leadership in public Waldorf schools
  • The first four-day residency will take place in Keene, NH at the end of June, 2021 just before the start of our other summer programs in Wilton.
  • Courses will be online throughout the year in a format that fits practicing teachers
  • The EdD faculty will come from across Antioch University.  In addition, five stellar Waldorf leaders have agreed to serve as mentors during the program as well as possible dissertation advisors:  

    Please click to display the full poster
    Please click on the image to display the full poster

Liz Beaven, EdD, currently Board President of the Alliance for Waldorf Public Education

Torin Finser, PhD, Director of Waldorf Programs (AUNE) and President of CfA’s Board of Trustees

Douglas Gerwin, PhD, Executive Director of CfA and Chair of its high school training program

Melanie Reiser, PhD, AWSNA’s Executive Director for Membership

Linda Williams, PhD, former college professor and now class teacher at the Detroit Waldorf School


  • Applicants who have an MEd from Antioch with Waldorf certification may be eligible for advance standing for up to 12 (of the 60) credits required in the EdD.  Other professional work in Waldorf may also count toward our approved “Waldorf specialization” component.
  • The focus in many courses on social justice will support our need to renew our Waldorf curriculum to meet social, emotional, and pedagogical needs of our children today
  • The application deadline in April, 2021 but since we anticipate strong interest, please apply early!


In order to apply, contact Jonathan Eskridge, Associate Director of the EdD Program (jeskridge@antioch.edu).   


On behalf of us all at Antioch, we wish you good health and send our best wishes for the months ahead.


Torin M. Finser


Exciting news on Waldorf EdD program at Antioch University