High School Seminar Week

More than 20 Waldorf teachers and student teachers attended a high school seminar this week at RSCC with visiting teacher David Barham. When he’s not traveling around giving courses, David leads the high school program at Centre for Anthroposophy in Wilton NH, having taken over the leadership of that program from Douglas Gerwin. 

In addition to the full time RSCC teacher education students, this week was attended by teachers from several Ontario Waldorf schools including Toronto Waldorf School, Trillium Waldorf School and Halton Waldorf School. The lead photo shows most of the folks who attended the week, though the TWS teachers were not there when the picture was taken.

While mornings were devoted to classroom sessions at RSCC — a blend of lectures, and small group work, with the opportunity to present skits on various facets of adolescence and the life of high school students, afternoons (for the guest teachers from other schools) were given over to observation in real-life classes in the high school of the Toronto Waldorf School.

Last week David was also here at RSCC as part of a group from AWSNA who were here to confirm RSCC’s full member institute for Waldorf teacher education.

First photo below is David Barham teaching, next three are of students working in small groups, and the last one is of a blackboard full of class-generated observations about grade nine students.