Reading Assignments for Explorations and Building Bridges Participants


All reading assignments will be taken from a single text – Guided Self-Study by Torin M. Finser. This book is a compilation from Steiner’s basic books, including How to Attain Knowledge of Higher Worlds, Theosophy, and Intuitive Thinking.

Guided Self-Study is readily available from Amazon as well as from Steiner Books. There is a reading assignment for each workshop theme throughout the course as listed below. Note that assignments are given using both page references and chapter titles. Please bring your copy of Guided Self-Study to each class.

The readings are meant to serve as both a preparation for the weekend sessions and a reference point for discussions. Instructors will assume some
familiarity with the material and will welcome questions and lively engagement during the weekend sessions.

Workshop One: Meditative Practices and Self-Development
Prior to the first class, please read pages 191-202 (Appendix 1) and pages 3-21 (chapters 1 – 2 in section of the book called the “The Book of Peace”)
Prior to the second weekend, please read Pages 69-79 (Chapter 1 from the section of the book called “The Book of Knowledge”)

Workshop Two: Practical Thinking and the Rightful Place of Technology
Prior to the first weekend, please read pages 103-116 (Chapters 1-3 from The Book of Freedom”)
Prior to the second weekend, please read pages 141-161 (“Practical Training in

Workshop Three: Parents and Community in a Waldorf School
Please read pages 80-88 (Chapter 2 from “The Book of Knowledge”)

Workshop Four: Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of Children Today
Please read pages 22-31 (Chapters 3 and 4 from “ The Book of Peace”)

Workshop Five: Healing the Hurt
Please read pages 32-48 (Chapters 5-8 from “The Book of Peace”)

Workshop Six: Phenomenology: Learning to See with Beginner’s Eyes
Please read pages 117-132 (Chapters 4-8 from “The Book of Freedom”)

Workshop Seven: Temperaments and Learning Styles
Please read pages 89-102 (“The Four Temperaments”)

Workshop Eight: Overview of the Waldorf Grades Curriculum
Please read pages 139-140 (Chapter 12 from “The Book of Freedom”)

Workshop Nine: Innovation Through Anthroposophical Initiatives
Please read pages 203-215 (Appendices 2 -3)