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What is Emergency Pedagogy?

Emergency pedagogy is a field that provides immediate pedagogical support to children and youth in the acute phase after experiencing traumatic events such as war, natural disasters, or other catastrophes.

These courses can be taken as a training or as selective courses to support professional or personal development.

Certificate for World wide Crisis Intervention

For those who want to work toward a certificate for world wide crisis intervention:

  • Modules and structure of the further training: The curriculum has a modular structure and is composed of twelve modules. Each module consists of twelve theoretical teaching units and several practical teaching units: trauma preventative therapies.
  • The modules can be taken sequentially, but this is not compulsory. After successful completion of each module, the participant will receive a certificate. If the participant has successfully completed all twelve modules, a complete certificate can be obtained. The prerequisite for certification is regular participation in a course. The certificates are given to the participants via the regional groups, but are issued and signed by the Friends of Waldorf Education.