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What is Kairos?

Kairos Institute: Healing in a World of Need

In a world filled with tremendous soul struggle, where the demands on both young and old often lead to overwhelm, mental health crises, and PTSD, the Kairos Institute at the Center for Anthroposophy offers a beacon of hope. Founded by Karine Munk Finser, the institute is dedicated to addressing suffering in the world by providing professional training in healing artistic therapies and Emergency Pedagogy.

At Kairos, students form a supportive community and embark on a multi-year journey together. During this time, they develop skills to strengthen resilience and self-healing capacities for themselves and others. The program consists of two residencies per year, complemented by artistic studios and online classes.

One of the core aspects of the Kairos curriculum is Artistic Therapies. As a cooperative member of iARTe, students at Kairos work towards earning a Diploma from the Medical Section at the Goetheanum in Switzerland. The artistic therapies offered include painting, clay, and drawing, which are designed to promote healing and self-discovery.

Another key component of the Kairos Institute is Emergency Pedagogy. The institute serves as an English language site for Bernd Ruf’s trauma and crisis intervention modules. These modules aim to deepen students’ understanding of trauma-preventative pedagogical and artistic healing approaches. By completing these modules, students can work towards obtaining a Certificate in International Crisis Intervention. Some of these modules are included in the Kairos training program.

The stresses and struggles faced by individuals in today’s world can make it difficult to learn in a normal classroom setting or to have enough inner resilience to participate fully in life. Recognizing this, the Kairos Institute offers a unique approach to healing and personal growth.

With a renowned international faculty, Kairos has become a vibrant school of learning. It is a soul school where everyone is welcomed into a living process dedicated to healing. The work at Kairos is based on careful training in observation and living into another person’s needs. Empathy and compassion form the foundation of creativity at the institute, and through the practice and development of artistic capacities, human beings can become medicine for one another.

For those seeking more information about the Kairos Institute, please contact Karine Munk Finser, the Director of the institute, at karine@centerforanthroposophy.org or visit the Center for Anthroposophy’s website at centerforanthroposophy.org. You can also reach out by phone at 603.654.2566.

In a world that often feels overwhelming and filled with suffering, the Kairos Institute offers a unique and transformative approach to healing and personal growth. Through its focus on artistic therapies, Emergency Pedagogy, and a supportive community, Kairos is helping individuals develop the resilience and inner strength needed to navigate life’s challenges and find a path to healing.

Healing in a World of Need

Kairos Institute was created to address suffering in the world and is a cooperative member of iARTe, dedicated to bringing a new, unique program that reflects the needs of North America and those of our time.

Kairos Institute offers professional trainings in*:

  1. Artistic Therapies: Drawing, Painting, and Clay. We are a cooperative member of iARTe. Students work towards a Diploma from the Medical Section, Goetheanum.
  2. Emergency Pedagogy with Bernd Ruf: Students work towards a Certificate in International Crisis Intervention

*Those interested in Speech training please visit the Art of Speech. (A Kairos affiliate)

  1.  iARTe diploma students must register for all classes and studios.
  2. Those not pursuing the iARTe diploma register for all classes without studios
  3. Register for selective online courses or Summer Residency. (Spring Residency is reserved for iARTe track students)

Our faculty is representative of the global community of anthroposophical doctors, trauma specialists, psychologists, artists, and therapists. Our goal is to prepare students for the unique challenges posed by both individual and collective trauma. Our training will focus on the transformative role of healing educators and therapists across the whole life span: children, adolescents, and adults.

Who should register?
  • Anyone wishing to become an art therapist
  • care group leaders
  • educators
  • special educators
  • school leaders
  • Camphill workers
  • and others in the healing professions.