Renewal Courses 2022

Welcome to Renewal 2022

This rejuvenating two-week professional development program offers a wide range of academic, artistic, and practical courses designed primarily to support independent and public Waldorf schools teachers, administrators, parents and board members, but are open to anyone seeking to enrich and deepen their lives through Anthroposophy.
(see the program poster for details.)

Weeks & Dates

Week 1: Inspirations! June 26th –July 1st (virtual)

All sessions will be delivered to attendees in an interactive, online format. Most of the topics are assigned by grade, from grades 1 through 8 (see the program poster for details).

Week 1 Morning Town Halls: Diversity in Waldorf Education: Do mysteries still exist?

This five-day Lecture Series with Christof Wiechert is included with all Week 1 registrations but is also available as a stand alone offering.  Read more…
(see the program poster for details.)

Week 2: Return to Community! July 3rd–July 8th (in person)

Students gather as a community in Wilton, NH! A variety of engaging and inspiring topics are explored. (see the program schedule for details) A featured evening lecture will be given by Adam Blanning, MD. 
(see the program poster for details.)


Week 1 (virtual): $450 

Week 2 (in person): $750

Financial Aid

Limited financial aid and/or payment plan may be requested by selecting corresponding “Registration Type” on the registration form (illustrated below). Practicing teachers (Waldorf & Other) please remember to list the name of your school and the grade you teach.

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Group Registrations

School administrators wishing to register a group of teachers (3 or more) please email details to

Week 2 Room and Board Pricing

Please see accommodation descriptions and directions here.

High Mowing Dorms:

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On-campus Meals:

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Karen Atkinson, M.Ed.
Renewal Program Coordinator

Long-time Waldorf class teacher, AWSNA Leader for the Mid-Atlantic Region, Program Coordinator for Renewal Courses and Administrative Leadership Program at the Center for Anthroposophy.

Renewal Courses 2022

WEEK 1 Inspirations! June 26th to July 1st (virtual)

Curative Education
with Robyn Brown
read more…

Gender in the Light of Social Understanding and Soul Development in Waldorf Education
with Lisa Romero and Meaghan Witri
read more…

Waldorf Leadership Development 
with Torin Finser and Special Guests
read more…

Preparing for Grade 1: Once Upon A Time
with Lori Ann Kran
read more…

Preparing for Grade 2: From Form to Solid Foundation
with Michael Gannon
read more…

Preparing for Grade 3: Becoming a Steward of the Earth:
Awakening to Self & Surroundings
with Kris Ritz
read more….

Preparing for Grade 4: Celebrating the Earth: Hearing the Voices of our Elders, Reclaiming the Sacred
with Kevin Kilb
read more…

Preparing for Grade 5: The Golden Age: Feet upon the Ground, Gaze toward the Heavens
with Jen Kershaw
read more…

Preparing for Grade 6: From Chaos and Coldness to Order and Compassion
with Anne Clair Goodman
read more…

Preparing for Grade 7: A Year of Awakening & Exploring
with Wendy Kelly
read more…

Preparing for Grade 8: Awakening to Adolescence in a Rapidly Changing World
with Sarah Nelson
read more…

Morning Town Halls: Diversity in Waldorf Education: Do mysteries still exist?
with Christof Wiechert
read more…

Special Features in Week 1

  • Keynote Address and daily lectures with Christof Wiechert
  • Circle games and movement activities for grades 1-5 with Jan Lyndes
  • Daily singing and music instruction for grades 1-8 with Meg ChittendenDaily eurythmy with Leonore Russell
  • Answering the Call for Decolonization: Reflections on the Waldorf Curriculum for Grades 6-8 with Alison Henry and Guests
    read more…

Week 2: Return to Community! July 3rd to July 8th in Wilton, NH! (in person)

Starry Inspiration for Earthly Deeds: Diversity and Healing
with Elan Leibner Eurythmy with Jenny Foster
read more…

Make Up Your Mind: Navigating Color Through Polarity
with Charles Andrade
read more…

Living Thinking
with Michael D’Aleo
read more…

What a Character! Learning to Face Encounters “I” to “I”
with Chris Burke and Anne DeWild
read more…

Making Math Meaningful: The Joy of Learning Math in Grades 1-5
with Nettie Fabrie and Wim Gottenbos
read more…

Social Vibrancy through the Arts of Music and Eurythmy: The Healing Nature of Tone
with Jeff Spade and Jenny Foster
read more…

Bringing a Living Approach to Teaching Physical Sciences in Grades 6, 7, and 8
with Gary Banks
read more…

Cosmic Cycles, Earthly Rhythms
with Mary Stewart Adams (Star Lore Historian)
read more…

The Art and Craft of Subject Teaching in a Waldorf School
with Jason Child
read more…

Special Feature in Week 2
Evening Lecture
with Adam Blanning, MD
read more…

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