Teaching Grade 8  From Revolutions to a Free Society
with Heather Handy

 Science with Roberto Trostli

Eighth grade resonates like the last note in the scale, bringing a sense of completion, harmony, and the foundation for the next sequence of notes. In this culminating year, the students are more deeply immersed in adolescence and are met with a curriculum which nourishes their growing curiosity, competence, and thinking while supporting the challenges and wonders they are experiencing as individuals.

From revolutions to modern-day figures of light and hope, we will help outline a path toward the future for our students. Through the sciences of organic chemistry, physics, and anatomy, we will help students look at the forces and processes at work inside and outside. Through the study of economic geography and meteorology, the entire world becomes connected in a new way. In math we will look at the study of geometry, particularly the Platonic solids and algebra. Language arts will include exploration of the short story, research papers, public speaking, and creative performance. Taken as a whole, these diverse studies will serve as a capstone to a grade school education and set the stage for the next phase of life.

Materials fee: $25
Morning lectures with Christof Wiechert 

Singing with Meg Chittenden
Art with Elizabeth Auer
Eurythmy with Cezary Ciaglo