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Autumn 2023

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Building Bridges across the Mid-Atlantic Region

Winter 2024

By Torin Finser

For the first time ever, our Center for Anthroposophy (in partnership with the Waldorf teacher education program at Antioch University New England) will be offering its “Building Bridges” program in the Mid-Atlantic region. Thanks to requests from several area schools, we will hold the first stage of this Waldorf teacher education program at the Waldorf School of Baltimore, both to support the professional development of current teachers and to bring into the movement the new teachers our schools so urgently need.

As outlined on our website, Building Bridges essentially constitutes the first third of Waldorf teacher preparation, which can then be completed in two summer sessions of Antioch University/CfA courses in Wilton, NH, resulting in an AWSNA-recognized certificate of Waldorf teacher education. Along with research and practicum work between the summers, student course work in Building Bridges allows for the possibility of advance standing at Antioch.

Who should consider Building Bridges?

  • Part-time teachers already in a Waldorf school who want to move towards full-time work as a class teacher, a subject teacher, or high school training through CfA
  • Parents in the area of Waldorf schools who are considering Waldorf teaching and see Building Bridges as a “try-us-out” opportunity
  • Public school teachers looking to make a career change

Participants need to take our Explorations (formerly Foundation Studies) Program or demonstrate equivalency through life experience and/or willingness to complete this online course simultaneously with the face-to-face Building Bridges program. Tuition and schedules are listed on CfA’s website.  We offer group discounts for three or more participants from the same school.

Florida cohort enjoys a moment in the sun

As with our previous cohorts elsewhere in the country––this past year in Florida, before that in Sacramento, Denver, and Anchorage––we intend to offer Building Bridges only once in the Mid-Atlantic region. Early registration serves to confirm the start of this program. Details are available on CfA’s website; click here.



Karine Munk Finser leads a painting class
Paintings by Florida cohort


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