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Autumn 2023

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Building New Bridges in Florida

By Torin Finser

Dames Point Bridge, Florida

For the first time, CfA is staging its satellite “Building Bridges” program for prospective Waldorf teachers in Florida, starting in February 2023. By attending long weekends in person about once a month in Atlantic Beach, FL, participants will earn the equivalent of a first semester of course work in Waldorf teacher preparation.

Upon successful completion of this one-year program, participants may apply to the Waldorf Program at Antioch University New England with up to seven graduate credits in advance standing.

Acceptance is based upon being enrolled in CfA’s foundational Explorations program currently underway, or having completed a previous round of this online course. Antioch’s Waldorf Teacher Education program offers a fully accredited Graduate Certificate and Master’s in Education.

Outline of Building Bridges Program in Atlantic Beach, FL

February 18-22, 2023
Research and Self Development (I) with Torin Finser
Visual Arts with Karine Munk Finser

March 31 – April 2, 2023
Human Development and Eurythmy (I) with Carla Beebe Comey

April/May 2023
Follow up zoom sessions, as needed

September 8-10, 2023
Speech and Storytelling with Debra Spitulnik

October 22-23, 2023
Drawing through the Grades with Anna Scalera

November 2023
Asynchronous viewing of curriculum videos as preparation for January curriculum workshop with Alison Henry

December 1-2, 2023
Human Development and Eurythmy (II) with Carla Beebe Comey

January 19-21, 2024
Curriculum Overview with Alison Henry

February 18, 2024
Research and Self Development (II) with Torin Finser
Conclusion of Building Bridges program 

A registration deposit of $300 secures a place in this Building Bridges program. For details, contact Milan Daler, CfA’s Administrator, at

For program details and registration, click here to visit the Building Bridges web page.

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