Pencils, Paints, and “Emergency Pedagogy” for Ukrainian Refugees

Ukrainian Child Refugee drawing

Supplied with pencils, paper, paints, and brushes, Karine Munk Finser, Director of CfA’s newly founded Kairos Institute, flew to Scandinavia in mid-March to welcome Ukrainian refugees into her parents’ empty cottage on the Danish island of Bornholm and to begin administering a program of acute healing therapy to mothers and their young children. A licensed art therapist […]

Newsletter Autumn 2019

The leadership of the Center for Anthroposophy (CfA) was fortunate enough to receive sponsorship allowing them to attend the 100th anniversary celebrations of Waldorf education in the giant Tempodrom pavillion in Berlin. We offer here a few images to capture the flavor of this day of festivities.

Attention all CfA and Antioch Waldorf Program Alumni!

We are conducting a survey of all participants who have taken part in one or more of our courses –– whether foundational “Explorations”, preparatory “Building Bridges”, summer “Renewal Courses”, elementary and high school teacher training programs at CfA or at the Waldorf Teacher Education Program of Antioch University New England.

Special Renewal Courses for Music, Practical Arts, and Math Teachers

Summer is on the horizon, and we look forward to welcoming many of you to our Renewal Courses in Wilton, NH. In a retreat-like community, teachers are invited to breathe out the school year they have left behind and prepare for the year ahead, enjoying all the while some summer celebration.

Newsletter Spring 2019

Dear Reader, The French are fond of saying, “Reculer pour mieux sauter.” Every lion, and many another mammal, knows that a long leap forwards presupposes a strong reach backwards. As we near the 100th anniversary of Waldorf education, these two polar complementary gestures can be observed in the array of our programs, which are intended […]

New Position open at CfA

Operations Manager of a Waldorf adult learning center From its offices in Southern New Hampshire, the Center for Anthroposophy (CfA) organizes adult education programs across the American continent––from Maine and Florida to Colorado and California––for a broad spectrum of people interested in Waldorf education and the practices of self-transformation that inspire it. In addition to […]