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Autumn 2023

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Celebrating Our 40th Birthday of Waldorf Teacher Education

By Bev Boyer

On a warm July evening, the CfA/Antioch Alumni Association celebrated a reunion of its members on the campus of High Mowing School in Wilton, NH. This festive event was attended by more than 50 people, ranging from recent grads to “old-timers” who could count their years since graduation in decades. In honor of the founding forty years ago of the Waldorf teacher training program at Antioch University, David Sobel, a founding professor of this program, shared some of his memories of those early years, as well as reflections on the growth of the program and its importance for our times.

We were treated to a film made by Diana Tesni, a member of the alum association’s leadership team. The film, consisting of a collage of photos and film clips from the Antioch and CfA archives, created a nostalgic mood that evoked a thoughtful group conversation about favorite memories. The evening culminated in the cutting of a huge 40th anniversary cake, followed by the energetic music of Tattoo, a local band, with David Barham, the newly appointed director of CfA’s high school teacher education program (WHiSTEP), singing lead vocals. The dance floor quickly filled up with alums eager to enjoy this opportunity to be together and to re-connect. 

Keynote speakers Douglas Gerwin, Torin Finser, and Prof. David Sobel at the reunion in July 2022 at High Mowing School in Wilton, NH

And socializing…

Building upon the momentum generated by this event, the Leadership Team is pleased to announce that Diana Tesni will be stepping into the role of Chair for the alumni association. As a member of the Leadership Team, Diana displayed endless creativity and energy––witness the film collage premiered during the reunion––and we are confident that under her leadership the association will continue to strengthen and grow. She is eager to make connections with alums far and wide! Diana can be reached at

The Leadership Team––Laura Beatty, Betsi McGuigan, Baruch Simon, Diana Tesni as Chair, with Bev Boyer as CfA liaison––is looking forward to setting goals and making plans for this coming year. We hope that all CfA and Antioch alums will stay tuned and watch for announcements of upcoming events and activities.

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Spring/Summer 2022

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