Building Bridges is Coming To Conway New Hampshire

Building Bridges

For the first time in our CfA/Antioch history, we are offering our Building Bridges Program in New England. To date, we have done the program in Alaska, Yuba and Golden Valley (both CA) and Denver. It is geared towards public Waldorf teachers, occasionally with some independent schools participants who are within commuting distance. The new Northeast Woodland Public Charter School in Conway NH has asked us to run the program in their school next year, one weekend per month. Participants can just do the one year (a combination of foundational work and the equivalent of an Antioch first summer) or then go on to apply to Antioch. If accepted, they would receive 7 graduate credits and advanced standing, meaning they would not need to do the first semester usually required at Antioch.
The tuition is $3,400 per person, with group rates of 3 or more at 10% off.
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Please refer to the Building Bridges Program home page for standard program information.
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Admin. Program Residencies Only

Intended only for those who were on the Residencies waitlist.

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  • The tuition balance for those taking Admin only is $980, which will be charged in four monthly installments of $245. The tuition balance for those taking Admin + Explorations is $1,470 and will be charged in 6 monthly installments of $245
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