New Student Cohort Starting in March 2022
at the
Golden Valley Charter Schools in Folsom, CA

Although this cohort will be drawn primarily from the teachers at the three GVCS affiliated schools, any interested teacher within manageable driving distance may join by registering with the Program Administrator –

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CfA has offered this program successfully in several communities over the past few years (Alaska, Colorado, two in the Sacramento area, and this year at Northeast Woodland in northern NH).
Thanks to input from our alums, current students, and faculty, we have improved the program to:

  • Increase the depth and breadth of the program with more content and delivery options.
  • Use the success of our online Explorations program to cover some of the basic material early on, saving the face to face (f2f) residencies for content that is best delivered in person.
  • Use a 12-month cycle with more time for digestion of material (the old BB format was a shorter 6-7 sequence)
  • Increase accessibility with fewer weekends (thanks to the Explorations component) thus making it easier for distant students to travel to NH residencies
  • Keep the cost down to you, your schools and CfA.

With these five goals in mind, we are happy to introduce our new format:

Phase I

Explorations Online, every other weekend, (12-2 EDT on Sat and Sun) beginning March 12/13 and ending May 14/15. These workshops will include basic exercises, self-development, practical training in thinking, parent work, all session also including a sampling of arts (speech, eurythmy, pastels).

Phase II

Continuation of Explorations Online in September and perhaps October with an add on session each Saturday taught by instructors who will meet f2f with students in the rest of the program We have found that this helps accelerate the readings, opens conversation and sets the stage for the f2f sessions. These intro sessions will be on Human Development and a continuation of Self Development. The Explorations workshops in the early fall will most likely be Social and Emotional Needs of Children with Kim John Payne and Healing the Hurt with Heather Scott – instructors who could not otherwise contribute to f2f residencies due to travel/time/expense.

Phase III

Face to Face Residencies weekends, Nov. to early March, with some gaps for holidays. These courses will build on the work already done virtually, but engage students vigorously in arts, group conversation, workshop style presentations, etc.
This will be a 12-month program with some breaks for holidays (3 months off in the summer).



Students taking all 12 months: $4,000*
Students with completed foundational (Explorations) studies**: $3,500*

*Please note that all tuition paid online using credit card will incur 3% bank processing fee.
**Anyone who has completed Explorations in the past need not do phase 1 and only the supplementary sessions in phase 2 before going on to phase 3.

General Program Information

Meeting the needs of our students today requires new tools, insights and perspectives. Yet often teachers spend so many waking hours attending to the needs of their students that there is little time left for more than the daily preparation absolutely necessary in the moment. Many end up asking: How can I find the inner and outer resources to continue? How can I become a better teacher, especially a Waldorf teacher?

Often the process of professional development begins with questions such as:
  • What are the best strategies in working with parents?
  • How can I improve my ability to communicate and work with conflict when it arises?
  • How can I enhance my tools in classroom management and discipline?
  • What are some of the ways I can work with the differentiated learning needs of my students?
  • How can the Waldorf curriculum expand my ability to work with diversity and multiculturalism?
  • How can I better prepare and develop imagination, inspiration, and living thinking?
  • How does my view of the world/philosophy of education inform my lesson planning and curriculum choices?

With these questions as signposts, we are pleased to offer practicing teachers a series of workshops designed to introduce the anthroposophical foundations of Waldorf education through study, group discussion, and the practice of the arts. Continuity of themes will carry across the sessions. Philosophical and curricular content will often be complemented by artistic practice.

The content of these courses will supplement foundational course work in preparation for formal Waldorf teacher training at Antioch University New England (AUNE), as well as content that may lead to advance standing in the Antioch teacher education program, thereby possibly reducing the number of required summer residencies in New Hampshire.

These workshops are designed to accommodate practicing teachers who may only be able to use occasional professional days. Those intending to apply for the full Waldorf teacher education program at Antioch will need to do so by the following May. Some workshops will require 2-3 hours of reading ahead of time, while others may require a short project or reflective paper afterwards.

Books: Guided Self Study and School as a Journey, both by Torin Finser, and Kingdom of Childhood by Rudolf Steiner. All available from  Other readings at the discretion of instructors.

CANCELLATIONS: An enrolled student may withdraw from the program upon written request to . Such request must be received at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the program in order to receive a refund for the registration fee (less $75 cancellation fee). No refunds will be granted if cancellation is received within 30 days of the program start-date.

Requirements for Completion of a Waldorf Teaching Certificate and an M.Ed.

Building Bridges participants completing Parts I and II below will earn a Waldorf certificate recognized by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America. Those seeking an M.Ed recognized by the HLC will also need to complete Part III.

Part I: Building Bridges sponsored by the Center for Anthroposophy

Upon completing Part I with CfA you may apply to Antioch University to continue either in the Certificate or also the M.Ed. track described below:

Part II:  Waldorf Teacher Certification – At Antioch University with the total of 28 Credits 
  1. Application to Antioch Waldorf teacher education program can include application for advanced standing for 7 credits
  2. Acceptance to Antioch Waldorf teacher education program
  3. Attendance at two, three-week sessions in Wilton, NH in July (7 and 6 credits respectively, for a total of 13 credits)
  4. Completion of a practicum and independent study semester during the two intervening spring semesters (4 credits each course for a total of 8 credits)
Part III Completion of a M.Ed. – At Antioch University with the total of 32 Credits
  1. Completion of the Waldorf Teacher Certification outlined above (28 credits)
  2. Completed write-up and defense of a Master’s thesis (4 credits)