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Autumn 2023

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Explorations Goes International

By Bev Boyer


With Explorations now in its third year as an online program, we have come to deeply appreciate the benefits of being able to offer the course in this way. Our current cycle, which began in March 2022, has over 160 enrollees, with students hailing from eight countries, including places as distant as Australia and Cambodia.

It has been deeply enriching to be able to interact in “real time” with Waldorf teachers and parents from around the globe. Indeed, participants tell us that having meaningful conversations in break-out rooms with colleagues from India, Guatemala, or Cambodia, is a real thrill, since they provide a rare opportunity to feel the sense of solidarity with a global community of educators who are pursuing the common goal of furthering Waldorf education.

One of our international participants commented:

The Explorations course has given me so much insight and information about the foundations of anthroposophy and Waldorf pedagogy. The lecturers and materials in our classes have been extremely high-class and educational. Even though we are studying remotely, the administrators have succeeded in creating a flourishing community where everyone can safely participate and share their thoughts. It has also been lovely to be able to participate in art classes and eurythmy. Participating in the Explorations course has been such an amazing journey, and it’s always the highlight of my weekends.

––– Pia Salmi, Finland

After a summer hiatus, the course is now back in full swing with an exciting line-up of presenters and presentations in store. The current cycle will end in February 2023, and a new round will start the following month—in March 2023. Registration will be available on our website later this fall.

Explorations, a foundational-level course offering an introductory look at anthroposophy, engages participants in relevant and meaningful issues related to Waldorf education. Each class session includes at least 30 minutes of artistic activity––speech, pastel drawing, eurythmy, or singing. The course is designed primarily for parents, administrators, board members, and new teachers in public and independent Waldorf schools, as well as those teaching children at home.

In This Edition...

Spring/Summer 2022

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