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Autumn 2023

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Explorations Online –– and Now International

Bev Boyer, Explorations Program Coordinator

In March of this year, our second cycle of Explorations Online came to a wonderful conclusion, and a third cycle began. This new group––over 150 strong––is off to an excellent start, and the participants have already shown themselves to be lively and engaged. 

We are especially pleased that some 20 members from outside the United States have joined this group, including participants from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, Spain, and Australia. Of special note is a committed cluster of 10 Waldorf teachers in Cambodia, some of whom get up at 3:00 a.m. in order to take part in the “live” presentations and Breakout Room discussions of this program! 

Many of the participants from these countries are benefiting from a special “pay forward” arrangement supported by generous donations to a new fund established by CfA to promote international diversity in this program. Their worldwide presence adds an exciting richness and depth to the online seminars and artistic workshops.

Explorations Online, a year-long program in foundational studies, offers an introduction to artistic work, as well as contemplative investigation of current themes, using anthroposophy as a method of enquiry. It is designed for parents, new teachers, board members, and anyone else interested in an introduction to anthroposophy and Waldorf education. For those intending to undertake teacher training, the Waldorf program at Antioch University New England recognizes a certificate of completion in CfA’s Explorations program as fulfilling part of Antioch’s entrance requirements.

In addition to the “core” course, which meets for two hours twice a month, seminars on high school subjects and related “hot topics” are offered in supplementary online sessions tagged on later in the day.

The Explorations faculty is looking forward to a rich and exciting year with this diverse group of participants. Those interested in signing up for the next cohort––to be launched in early March 2023––should contact Bev Boyer, Explorations Program Coordinator, at

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