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Autumn 2023

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Winter 2024

By Bev Boyer

Perhaps you are a parent in a Waldorf school, wishing to understand more of what your child is experiencing. Perhaps you are a teacher or administrator, looking for a deeper grounding in anthroposophy. Perhaps you are a homeschooler and have been drawn to Waldorf methodologies. Perhaps you are on a clear path to becoming a certified Waldorf teacher. Or perhaps you have simply heard about the unique approach to education called “Waldorf” and your interest has been piqued.

In any case, Explorations Online is for you.

This online course, which meets nine months of the year on alternate weekends, offers workshops on a wide variety of topics. In addition to being introduced to basic concepts of anthroposophy and Waldorf pedagogy, participants have opportunities to wrestle with contemporary issues facing us in our schools and society today. The classes are interactive and lively, and theory is mixed with artistic practice. Participants commend this blend of theoretical and practical:

“Explorations was an extremely helpful, supportive, and immensely useful course. It gives a great amount of insight and confidence into understanding the very practical application of something so deeply spiritual. It gave clarity and practice for how to relate to Steiner’s ideas, which I had found previously overwhelming.”

Each Explorations class session offers 30 minutes of artistic activity––eurythmy, speech, pastel drawing, or singing. In addition, there is a continual focus on inner development, with a systematic practice of Steiner’s Six Basic Exercises woven into the course.

With its online format, participants are able to join us from across North America and from around the world. How interesting and valuable it is to be able to share insights and experiences with colleagues from places as diverse as Mexico, India, Ethiopia, or Cambodia!

“One of many positive aspects of these online seminars was meeting, chatting, and sharing heartfelt learning with others across many schools, positions, and perspectives all while striving to better understand Anthroposophy and Waldorf education. Their willingness to be candid, supportive, and open minded added great value to me, even while being on Zoom.”

The next cycle of Explorations (2024-2025) begins with a two-hour session on Saturday, 16 March 2024, then continues twice a month on alternate Saturdays and Sundays. A new cohort of participants from around the world is forming, but there is room for more! Additional details about the program––including schedule of classes and the opportunity to register––can be found on the “Explorations” pages of our website (click here).

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