Kairos Institute

Healing in a World of Need

  1. Training in Artistic Therapies : Painting, Drawing, and Clay, led by Karine Munk Finser and colleagues
  2. Training in Speech and Drama, led by Debbie Spitulnik and colleagues
  3. Training in Emergency Pedagogy, led by Bernd Ruf and Education without Borders

Kairos Institute at the Center for Anthroposophy

We are dedicated to address suffering in the world, deepen our understanding of the consequences of trauma, and develop skills and capacities to strengthen resilience and wholeness in human encounter. Our students feel called to healing work and Kairos offers pathways through transformative artistic processes.


July 2-7 2023

Emergency Pedagogy with Bernd Ruf
Traumatology II

(Traumatology I is not a prerequisite.)


Track 2 beginning Summer and/or Fall 2023

Kairos Institute is a cooperative member of iARTE, dedicated to bringing a new, unique program that reflects the needs of North America and those of our time.

What is Kairos

Healing in a World of Need

Kairos Institute was created to address suffering in the world.

See highlights from last summer’s residency.

We offer three professional trainings that support this work:

  • Artistic Therapies: Drawing, Painting, and Clay. We are a cooperative member of iARTe. Students work towards a Diploma from the Medical Section, Goetheanum.
  • Speech and Drama: Students work towards a Diploma in Speech and Drama from the section of the Performing Arts, Goetheanum, Switzerland.
  • Emergency Pedagogy with Bernd Ruf: Students work towards a Certificate in International Crisis Intervention
  • Register for all three semesters to work toward the iARTE diploma.
  • Register for Speech and Drama with foundational training in Pedagogical Speech.
  • You may register for selective online courses or summer residency

Our faculty is representative of the global community of anthroposophical doctors, trauma specialists, psychologists, artists, and therapists. Our goal is to prepare students for the unique challenges posed by both individual and collective trauma. Our training will focus on the transformative role of healing educators and therapists across the whole life span: children, adolescents, and adults.

In future years, faculty will include: Michaela Gloeckler, Bernd Ruf, Patrick Stolfo, Iris Sullivan, Agnes Zehnter, and others. We are excited to be collaborating with Education without Borders and continue to offer Bernd Ruf’s courses in Emergency Pedagogy as part of the Kairos Institute.

Who should register?
  • Anyone wishing to become an art therapist
  • care group leaders
  • educators
  • special educators
  • school leaders
  • Camphill workers
  • and others in the healing professions.

Kairos Institute Overview

Portrait of Karine Munk Finser

Karine Munk Finser, M.Ed.

Director of Kairos Institute

Lisl Hofer, M.Ed.

Manager of Kairos Institute


Summer, 2023 Residency Faculty

Presenter, Founder of Parzival School & Emergency Pedagogy

Author of Educating Traumatized Children, Bernd Ruf is the founder of the worldwide Emergency Pedagogy crisis intervention center, based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Skilled teams are sent out to help traumatized children in places of the strife of war, or ecological disasters.

Portrait of Karine Munk FinserDirector of Kairos Institute. Director of Transdisciplinary Studies of Healing Education, Antioch University New England. Director of Professional Development at the Center for Anthroposophy, art therapist and painter.

Karine Munk Finser was born on the Baltic island of Bornholm, Denmark, and later lived in Belgium, France, Switzerland and England before finding her home in the United States. Karine is an art therapist with a diploma from the Medical Section, Goetheanum. She ran the Center for Anthroposophy’s Renewal Courses for 21 years while being employed as a faculty member at Antioch University New England. In 2014, she began the Transdisciplinary Studies in Healing Education program (TSHE)

Debra Spitulnik Debra Spitulnik is an adjunct professor of Creative Speech at Antioch University New England, and faculty member for the Center for Anthroposophy. As a core faculty member of Kairos Institute she leads the training in artistic and healing Speech and Drama. Debra has led the development of pedagogical speech and believes that Creative Speech brings healing and nourishment to the soul and empowers the voice. She infuses all her classes with three decades of her unique experiences as a class teacher, subject teacher and speech teacher. She teaches speech, drama, storytelling, and curriculum to teachers nationwide.

Goetheanum Diploma in the arts of Speech and Drama., PerformInternational; M.Ed., Waldorf Education, Antioch University New England; B.S. Elementary and Special Education, Syracuse University.

Laura Geilen Laura Geilen teaches movement and games, circus arts, Spacial Dynamics® and clowning to adults, kids and special needs populations. She is drawn to teaching circus arts as they naturally and playfully provide a variety of challenges necessary for healthy child development. Seeing children grow in skill, self-confidence, social and spatial awareness is what has motivated her to offer camps and classes continually over the last 20 years. She enjoys bringing all people a renewed experience of their creativity, authenticity and aliveness through the transformative power of play.

Over the course of the last 30 years, Carsten has lived and worked with children, youth, and adults with developmental disabilities in Camphill communities in Scotland, England, and the United States. In true Camphill style, he has tried his hand at almost everything. He has carried responsibilities as a houseparent, workshop leader, teacher, administrator, counselor and therapist. Carsten holds a Bachelor of Arts in the Art of Eurythmy and holds a diploma in Eurythmy Therapy.

He currently lives at Camphill Special School where his overall responsibility and focus over the past ten years has become more directed towards the medical and therapeutic field. He serves the community as Director of Medical and Therapeutic Services, is a licensed EMT and are currently pursuing a nursing degree.

Carsten is a faculty member in the Camphill Academy (Curative Education) and adjunct faculty member of Transdisciplinary Healing Education Program, Antioch University. A motto he lives by is that in life we find a true path of learning and he continues to be a therapist at heart, where the listening ear is at the core.

Monica ArmstutzMonica Talaya completed the Dorion School of Anthroposophical Music Therapy (AMT) in 2005, after her training as a Certified Music Practitioner. Since then, she has worked as an AMT with different populations, age groups and in varied settings, most consistently in the Camphill Communities. She also teaches the lyre to children (from 5 years old onward) and adults in groups and individually.

Monica has given presentations about AMT and has lead courses and workshops for early childhood teachers and parents of young children about the importance of the ‘mood of the fifth’, providing an in-depth experience and understanding of the different stages of a child’s musical development and needs. She wishes to inspire parents for and teaches the singing of lullabies.
Earlier in her life she trained to be a kindergarten- and later a special education teacher and raised her own five children.

David McCain David Sewell McCann has been working with narrative his entire life. He’s been a fresco painter, a filmmaker, a class teacher, an author, he wrote and told all the stories for Sparkle Stories, and through it all, storytelling has proven to be the most enduring and clarifying form of connection. It works when nothing else can, and it is teachable. He teaches the Twelve Tools for Telling and Attending to children and adults at How to Story.

Biographical info to follow.

Future Faculty

Michaela Glöckler

Patrick Stolfo

Dietrich von Bonin

For questions and interest in Kairos, please contact Karine by filling out the form below.

Art Therapy

Year 1

Traumatology I/trauma preventative therapies

Foundations of Art Therapy:

Goethe’s theory of colors

Light and Darkness

Foundations in Drawing

Foundations in Clay

Healing Aspects of Color

Healing Aspects of Clay

Laws of the Etheric/Astral

Goethe’s Fairy Tale

Incarnation: opportunities and hindrances in human development


The 12 Senses/the 7 Life processes

Karma studies I and II

Embryology, Organ development


Year 2:

Traumatology II/trauma preventative therapies

History through Art

Karma studies III

Psychology of Children's drawings


Evolution of Consciousness through Color

Health and Illness


Case studies/Practicum



Year 3

Traumatolgy III/trauma preventative therapies

Biography and Human development

Case studies




Case studies/Practicum

Karma studies IV



Year 1, Year 2, Year 3: ongoing studios in developing capacities in working with healing

aspects of color, image and form through drawing, pastel, charcoal, veil painting, and

clay. Speech, eurythmy, movement, clowning, animal therapy, storytelling, singing, are all part of our training.

Speech and Drama

Level 1: Earth:

Traumatology I/trauma preventative therapies**

Foundations in the art of Creative Speech and

Drama I: Epic, Storytelling, Drama*

Steiner Speech Exercises I*

Sounds; the Four elements*

Private Speech lessons *

Poetry and Rhythms

Movement; Eurythmy, Greek Gymnastics**

Goethe’s Fairy Tale: study and performance**

Dramatic Gestures**

Luster and Image Color: Goethe’s Fairy Tale **

Foundations in Clay **

Incarnation: opportunities and hindrances in human development

Karma studies I and II

Embryology, Organ development


Level 2: Water:

Traumatology II/trauma preventative therapies**

History through Literature; the spoken and written word*

Poetry and Pedagogy*

Foundations in Therapeutic Creative Speech I *

Foundations in the art of Creative Speech and

Drama II; Poetry and lyric speech*

Steiner Speech Exercise II*

Drama and performance II**

The 12 Senses and Creative Speech and Drama**

Movement II; Eurythmy, Greek Gymnastics**

Karma studies III

Health and Illness


Case studies/Practicum

Study of Children’s speech

Form drawing **

Private Speech lessons*


Level 3: Air:

Traumatolgy III / trauma preventative therapies **

Epistemology: Language Development of the human being

Biography and Human development

Healing and Pedigocical Creative Speech *

Foundations in the art of Creative Speech and

Drama III; Epic, Dramatic, Lyric *

Therapeutic Creative Speech II and III *

Pedagogical Creative Speech and Drama III *

Steiner Speech Exercises III **

Eurythmy/ speaking for Eurythmy **

Anatomy of the Speech Organs *

Private speech lessons *


Case studies/Practicum/ Internship *

Karma IV


Capstone project: Individual and group performance; Steiner exercises **

Capstone project: Pedagogical / therapeutic research and implementation in classroom **


*offered in the Speech Studios
** offered in the Residencies
All others offered online for Kairos students and the general public


Level 1, Level 2, Level 3ongoing studios in developing capacities in working with healing, artistic and pedagogical aspects of Creative Speech and Drama. The curriculum is designed as a spiral such that each year aspects of speech and drama are brought forward as introduction, knowledge or mastery. All are welcome to participate whether desiring more experience and knowledge of Creative Speech and Drama or are seeking a certificate or diploma.


Students who participate in all Kairos residencies, online courses and speech studios will have the opportunity to develop the capacities necessary for a Pedagogical Certificate in Creative Speech and Drama. Participants will have the foundations to proceed to Level 4: Fire for an Artistic and/or Therapeutic Goetheanum Diploma. After completion of each level, the student wishing for a Certificate or a Diploma will be accessed by an independent speech artist. Visual arts, eurythmy, spatial dynamics, clowning, animal therapy, singing, are all elective as part of our training during residencies.

Emergency Pedagogy with Bernd Ruf

These courses can be taken as a training or as selective courses to support professional or personal development.

Certificate for World wide Crisis Intervention

For those who want to work toward a certificate for world wide crisis intervention:

  • Modules and structure of the further training: The curriculum has a modular structure and is composed of twelve modules. Each module consists of twelve theoretical teaching units and several practical teaching units: trauma preventative therapies.
  • The modules can be taken sequentially, but this is not compulsory. After successful completion of each module, the participant will receive a certificate. If the participant has successfully completed all twelve modules, a complete certificate can be obtained. The prerequisite for certification is regular participation in a course. The certificates are given to the participants via the regional groups, but are issued and signed by the Friends of Waldorf Education.

2022: Traumatology I, Module 1
2023: Traumatology II, Module 2. July 2-7 (Traumatology I is not a prerequisite)
We will continue to host Bernd Ruf and his colleagues in the summer session in early July.

Kairos Inquiry

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