For the first time, this program will be spread over five weeks and fully online

Sunday 27 June – Friday 30 July, 2021


The Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program (WHiSTEP) is a part-time course spread over three consecutive Julys. In addition to the three summer intensives, students undertake two years of independent studies including a research project and internship in a Waldorf high school, leading to a certificate in high school teaching recognized at any Waldorf school around the world. Because of the continuing Covid-19 outbreak, this program will be stretched over five weeks this summer. 

Thank you!

I can take the enjoyment and fun I relished in this class and suffuse my Tragedy/Comedy block with a new degree of verve and authenticity. Thank you!

Kirsten Kuczenski, WHiSTEP Class of 2020, From “Drama” atelier
Humanities teacher at the Waldorf School of Orange County Costa Mesa CA

Adolescents instinctively turn to the teacher who can open a window on tomorrow. They yearn for the mentor who will inspire courage and confidence. With more than 160 Waldorf schools in North America –– at least 40 with their own high school –– the need for qualified Waldorf high school teachers has never been greater. The Center for Anthroposophy offers a graduate-level program designed for:

  • High school teachers wishing to enrich their preparation
  • Professionals seeking a career change
  • Practicing educators

Unlike Waldorf elementary grade teachers, who accompany their class from year to year, Waldorf high school teachers specialize in subject areas. Among the areas of concentration offered in our program are:

  • Arts/Art History
  • Sciences (including Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • Humanities (including English, History, Social Studies)
  • Mathematics


  • University degree or equivalent diploma
  • Preparatory foundational studies in anthroposophy and the arts
  • Experience in education and adolescent development

Outline for Summer 2021

Week 1: Sunday 27 June - Friday 2 July 
  • Adolescent development, high school curriculum
  • Specialized subject seminars in sciences, math, humanities, fine arts
  • Artistic ateliers
Week 2: Sunday 4 July - Friday 9 July 
  • Year I:  Living Thinking (with Michael D’Aleo)
  • Years II/III: The Human Encounter (with Torin Finser, Carla Beebe Comey)
Weeks 3 & 4: Sunday 11 July - Saturday 24 July 
  • Year I Living Thinking (with Michael D’Aleo)
  • Years II/III Evolution of Human Consciousness (with Paul Gierlach), Professional Seminars II / III (with Paul Gierlach / Douglas Gerwin)
  • All Years Specialized Subject Seminars,  Artistic ateliers
Week 5: Monday 26 July - Friday 30 July 
  • Year I Living Thinking (with Michael D’Aleo)
  • Years II/III Evolution of Human Consciousness (with Paul Gierlach)
  • All Years Specialized Subject Seminars

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Here is a brief video introduction to the Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program:

Jan Lade Photography and Filmproduction