Music Therapy

with Juliana Weeks and Monica Amstutz

“Children blossom forth in their whole being when their souls are warmed and strengthened by music. It is a food from heaven for the soul.” H.W. Holzapfel, MD.

This course offers a hands-on introduction into the basic elements of music as a healing art born out of an anthroposophical understanding of the human being.

How does the musical experience change through the evolution of consciousness? How are these changes reflected in the developmental stages of the child?

Through listening exercises, singing and playing various instruments, we will explore how music can offer healing substance and nourishment to the young child. We will enter into the different qualities of the “Mood of the Fifth”, the pentatonic and the diatonic realms.

Due to trauma and an overload of sense impressions, a growing number of children today show characteristics of heightened sensitivities, which manifest as anxieties, restlessness, inability to concentrate and increasing challenges in the social realm.

The intimate connection that the soul life and music have by their very nature, shows us how music can be applied therapeutically to meet the needs of these children. We will bring examples designed to strengthen the life forces and initiate healing processes of transformation with the deliberate use of musical elements and especially created stories.

Our course is based on Rudolf Steiner’s lectures “The Inner Nature of Music and the Experience of Tone” and our training and experience in anthroposophical music therapy.

Juliane WeeksJuliane Weeks has a diploma in anthroposophic music therapy, and is a Certified Music Practitioner and former Waldorf teacher. As music therapist, she has worked with individuals of all ages and abilities in many different settings, Waldorf Schools, Life Sharing Communities, Hospice, the Therapeutic Community Inner Fire and others. In addition to her therapeutic work, she has offered workshops, lead singing groups and music courses in the Camphill Academy, taught music in the Early Childhood teacher training at Sophia’s Hearth and in the Healing Education program (Med) at Antioch. Together, Juliane and Monica have led Renewal courses on Music in the Light of Anthroposophy.

Monica ArmstutzMonica Talaya Amstutz completed the Dorion School of Anthroposophical Music Therapy (AMT) in 2005, after her training as a Certified Music Practitioner. Since then, she has worked as an AMT with different populations, age groups and in varied settings, most consistently in the Camphill Communities. She also teaches the lyre to children (from 5 years old onward) and adults in groups and individually.

Monica has given presentations about AMT and has lead courses and workshops for early childhood teachers and parents of young children about the importance of the ‘mood of the fifth’, providing an in-depth experience and understanding of the different stages of a child’s musical development and needs. She wishes to inspire parents for and teaches the singing of lullabies.
Earlier in her life she trained to be a kindergarten- and later a special education teacher and raised her own five children.