We all know that oral storytelling is the cornerstone of civilization and that  language follows the arc of the developing human being. Speaking and telling stories in ways that engage, heal and touch the souls of the speaker and the listener is an art that must be awakened and learned in order to heal. As life – long educators and therapists we need tools to help guide us while working with language.  Together we will learn some of these practical tools for you to take into your professional and personal lives.

Communicating and meeting the needs of our students and coworkers today can be a joy and a challenge.  Using imagination, inspiration and intuition in a conscious way brings life to the spoken word. Choosing the right sounds, rhythms, imaginative pictures and words is essential for pedagogical support and healing.    

Through case studies (that the participants will bring), readings, and working with sounds and imagination, we will experience how the art of Creative Speech can be a healing tool for ourselves and others. We will explore and be curious about which images, sounds and movement could be transformative for this particular student or client, and we will have fun. 

Speech is an incarnating art.  Only when our higher “I” engages all aspects of our being can we be a vessel for our free authentic voice and therefore bring a healing transformation through our teaching.

You will need the following before and during the course: 

* a short description for a case study (someone you are working with who is challenged emotionally, socially or educationally) 

* access (printed or electronic) to all texts that I will be giving to all participants

  • a large enough space to move 
  • small objects to throw (socks, balls, bean bags)
  • puppet, sock or wooden spoon

If you have a case study to share, please send me a short description by October 26th.

Debra Spitulnik Debra Spitulnik, M.Ed.

Debra Spitulnik, M.Ed., is an adjunct professor of Creative Speech at Antioch University New England and faculty member for the Center for Anthroposophy. As a core faculty member of Kairos Institute, she leads the training in artistic and healing Speech and Drama. Debra has led the development of pedagogical speech and believes that Creative Speech brings healing and nourishment to the soul and empowers the voice. She infuses all her classes with three decades of her unique experiences as a class teacher, subject teacher and speech teacher. She teaches speech, drama, storytelling, and curriculum to teachers nationwide. Education: Goetheanum Diploma in the arts of Speech and Drama., PerformInternational; M.Ed., Waldorf Education, Antioch University New England; B.S. Elementary and Special Education, Syracuse University.