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Healing Image, Healing Story: Towards Harmony in Relationships
With Gleice da Silva

It is important that we strive for harmony in our relationships, both those we live with and those we work with. Inviting our creative powers of imagination, we will find healing images and stories that can address conflicts between people. Healing motifs in stories can be developed to better understand and eventually free one’s feelings, struggles, and blockages. When we get stuck, stories can help objectively create a landscape of images that we can enter and journey in, leading to discovery  and empathy.  Connecting with such stories lifts us and helps us free and love one another. 

Through the heart-feeling space, I will invite participants to write stories for themselves and others and learn to interpret them as gifts given to us from the realm of imagination.

 In these two sessions, we will write stories for one another and write a story for someone else in need. We will work on sharpening our tools to identify precious messages given to us and what to do with them on.

Gleice Da Silva

Gleice Da Silva, M.Ed. Gleice is a curative educator and class teacher at The Camphill School. In between teaching the children in her class, she teaches adults in the Camphill Academy and other professional education programs internationally. She particularly enjoys sharing the gift of healing stories and the power of storytelling and imagination to transform human situations.