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Sounds and Rhythms: Healing Aspects
with Geoff Norris
Light, Darkness, and Color
with Karine Munk Finser

November 12, 19

1:30-6 pm ET

Recommended for Speech, Drama and Artistic Therapies Students

Sounds and Rhythms: Healing Aspects 
with Geoff Norris

In these zoom sessions we will enter the healing breath of the Vowels, their form, their color, their tone and gesture finding “Ruach” the formative breath of the Creator, enlivening all things that exist. We will enter the world of rising and the falling Rhythms contrasting these to the pulse and beat of alliteration. These poetic streams guide us towards the right articulation of Word, of Sentence, and of organic Wholeness, giving rise to the  experience of Living Speech,  of Living Thinking in which Sound is Sense and the Sense the Sound.

Geoff Norris trained in English and German Creative Speech graduating in 1978. He has toured with many groups worldwide as storyteller, speaker, actor and workshop leader, and was co-founder of The Rose Theatre Company, Portal Productions and Ashdown Eurythmy in the 1980 and 90’s. He has taught speech in many varied anthroposophical trainings and initiatives and was resident Speech and Drama consultant at Michael Hall School, Forest Row for more than 18 years mentoring teachers and children alike. He currently teaches, directs, acts and gives workshops, live and on Zoom, in the UK and abroad, including training students to achieve a Goetheanum recognized Steiner Creative Speech Diploma.

Light , Darkness, and Color: Color that serves the spirit of healing
with Karine Munk Finser

All Colors are moving towards Peach Blossom. All Darkness must become Color. All soul painting must eventually serve the spirit in human encounter to become a pathway for healing

How does Goethe’s 7 fold circle become the cosmic 12 fold circle? How does light appear in the darkness and shine with the colors we know as Purpur? 

The I incarnates into the warmth of the will and because we live with our I forces in the color of Incarnadine or Peach Blossom, we are not yet able to see it. 

For us to enter the spiritual in color, we have to do the inner work of entering the heart’s light, the true light that can encounter another human being out of freedom and with the intention to heal. Artistic schooling is therefore a foundation for healing.

In this class, we will discover color circles and find our way to shine our heart’s light into the darkness, and discover our own midnight sun. 


Session 1, November 12th

You will need a prism, 2” or longer, very important!

Colored pencils

Chalk Pastels: white, black, light turquoise, creamy white, pinks and roses, peach. If you don’t have these colors, it will be hard to participate. You can, if necessary, use Mercurius or other rich in texture blackboard chalk because they tend to have these colors. You also need regular rainbow colors, especially violet, indigo and other blues, carmine, vermillion, orange, yellow, and green.

We will pastel on black paper, smaller than the painting board you’re working on. Masking tape. You’ll need a journal, and some regular paper for pastel or colored pencils. Dry media paper is useful.

Session 2: November 19th

You will need watercolor paper, a bit smaller than your painting board, and watercolor, including permanent rose by Cotman or other student/artist brand. Light turquoise. Indigo. All are available from Cotman or Winsor and Newton. Stockmar is great for the basic rainbow colors. Optional: Greens, burnt sienna, Chinese white.

We will engage in color exploration in this class, so some of the paper can be smaller. Still you need decent paper to experience the colors in their transparency and beauty. We will do some artistic pastel painting while exploring color between light and darkness. 

Portrait of Karine Munk Finser
Karine Munk Finser, M.Ed.

Director of Kairos Institute. Director of Transdisciplinary Studies of Healing Education, Antioch University New England. Director of Professional Development at the Center for Anthroposophy, art therapist and painter.

Karine Munk Finser was born on the Baltic island of Bornholm, Denmark, and later lived in Belgium, France, Switzerland and England before finding her home in the United States. Karine is an art therapist with a diploma from the Medical Section, Goetheanum. She ran the Center for Anthroposophy’s Renewal Courses for 21 years while being employed as a faculty member at Antioch University New England. In 2014, she began the Transdisciplinary Studies in Healing Education program (TSHE)