Veil Painting:
The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily
with Martha Loving Orgain

Goethe’s fairy tale is one of both inward and outer transformation. In this veil painting course, we are working with principles of Light and Darkness (L&D), allowing the Spiritual world to work through us. Focusing on moving color, creating space, developing imaginations through the theme, and basic veil painting techniques will be covered. Painting out of L&D is a mediative path, and promises a glimpse of living in the Mystery.


Martha Loving
Martha Loving Orgain, MFA Art Institute of Chicago – Artist, Educator and Astrologer
Martha trained at Emerald Foundation, Den Haag, The Netherlands in methods developed by Liane Collot d’Herbois. She has worked with Goethe’s fairy tale since 1994, in private practice, in Waldorf Schools and other institutions across the USA. Currently Artist-in-Residence at Christian Community in the DC metro area, Martha is creating Star Chart Talismans™ working with drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, astrology, gemstones, and weaving in the word. She is the author of In Deepening Silence, a soon-to-be published book on the spiritual aspects of color. Website: