The primary responsibility of the Board of Trustees is to oversee the management of the Center, as well as to provide guidance and insight, offer perspectives on Waldorf Education as practiced in schools, and support for the work of the Center. The staff is responsible for operational aspects of the organization.

Board of Trustees
  • Daniel Perez, President
  • Lisa Mahar, Chair
  • Stephen Bloomquist, Treasurer
  • Bev Boyer, Recording Secretary
  • Milan Daler, CfA Administrator
  • Randy Evans
  • Torin Finser
  • Douglas Gerwin, CfA Executive Director, ex officio
  • Glynn Graham
  • Jennifer Helmick
  • Deirdre McEachern
  • Signe Motter
  • Karine Munk Finser
Administrative Staff
  • Douglas Gerwin, Executive Director/High School Program Director
  • Milan Daler, Administrator
  • Karine Munk Finser, Director of Professional Development, Director of Kairos Institute 
  • Torin Finser, Director of Outreach and Program Development (Explorations, Building Bridges)
  • Karen Atkinson, Renewal Courses and the Waldorf Administration & Leadership Development Program Coordinator