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Autumn 2023

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Back in Person!

As of June 2022, all of CfA’s summer programs are scheduled once again to be held “in person” at its summertime home base in Southern New Hampshire.

Following a two-year hiatus, during which time courses were held online due to the worldwide pandemic, CfA and its affiliated Waldorf program at Antioch University New England will return in July to the hilltop campus of High Mowing School in Wilton, NH, for a record-breaking 11 programs running in tandem.

Before convening in Wilton, several of these summer programs will begin already on Sunday, June 26, with classes online––specifically, a first week of Renewal Courses (described here) and the first week of CfA’s Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program, or WHiSTEP (described here). During the following week (July 3-8), both Renewal and WHiSTEP courses will switch to in-person mode (Renewal described here and WHiSTEP described here).

During that second week, these programs will be joined on campus by CfA’s new Kairos Institute, which will be inaugurated with a course in “Emergency Pedagogy” led by Bernd Ruf (details here) and supplemented by specific courses in artistic therapies (described here). At the same time, Antioch will be launching its summer programs, including its first cohort of doctoral candidates working on their advanced Ed.D. degree in Waldorf education. In short, this will be quite a week of “firsts”!

Thereafter, both CfA’s WHiSTEP and Antioch’s Waldorf teacher training for grades school teachers, along with its advanced level Transdisciplinary Studies in Healing Education (TSHE), will continue for a further two weeks’ residency in Wilton, culminating in a closing festivity on Saturday, July 23. Some of these programs will continue thereafter with a final week of online classes.

In all, the combined training programs of CfA and Antioch are expecting around 100 students this summer, along with some 50 instructors and guest presenters, in addition to several hundred participants taking one-week Renewal Courses either online or in person.

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