Seeking Registrar / Database Manager

Center for Anthroposophy, a not-for-profit organization sponsoring adult education programs including the preparation of Waldorf teachers and administrators, is seeking an experienced Registrar and Database Manager to assist with the administrative flow of its 5 programs.  As a flexible, part-time position, hourly remuneration is based on experience, expertise, and availability. Interested candidates are invited to submit letter […]

Newsletter Spring 2021

Dear Friends: Over the years, CfA has pioneered a growing number of different programs related to Waldorf education, from introductory courses and teacher preparation to administrative training and ongoing rejuvenation – seven programs in all. In this issue of our online newsletter, we briefly showcase their latest offerings and most recent innovations. And we examine […]

An urgent call for support of our new Diversity Scholarship Fund

Dear Friends, In November of 1960, six-year-old Ruby Bridges, flanked by a quartet of armed federal marshals, stepped silently through the doors of an all-white school in New Orleans, where she had recently been enrolled as its first African-American pupil. For the rest of the year, she sat alone all day in an empty classroom […]

Exciting news on Waldorf EdD program at Antioch University

October 15, 2020   Dear Waldorf Colleagues, Alums, and Friends,   We are delighted to announce that Antioch University has launched an accredited doctoral program for educators!  Thanks to recent work with alums, school responses and many expressions of personal interest, Antioch has agreed to inaugurate a Waldorf cohort within this EdD program in 2021.  […]

Lifeboats ~ Douglas Gerwin

In retrospect, we may come to see the impact on secondary education of the current Covid-19 pandemic as akin to the iceberg that struck the Titanic. In mid-stream, the course of the Good Ship Education carrying high school, college-aged, and graduate students––including Waldorf teachers in training––was abruptly arrested.  University campuses emptied out. Dorms and libraries […]