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Autumn 2023

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Honoring Our Eurythmists

As part of this year’s Annual Giving, CfA launched an appeal in support of its new “Friends of Eurythmy” Fund. This appeal is intended to help sustain eurythmy in CfA’s core and satellite programs (including the quality of musical accompaniment in classes) as well as in our community performances.

The purpose of this fund is tri-partite:

– To ensure that prospective and practicing Waldorf teachers in training have a chance to experience the pedagogical, therapeutic, and artistic value of eurythmy and to carry these experiences back into their schools

– To ensure we can provide a full complement of eurythmists each summer for our training programs, as well as sponsor eurythmy performances from Eurythmy Spring Valley when possible

– To ensure we have high quality musical and speech artists to support pedagogical and stage eurythmy during our summer programs

We are pleased to report that we have already raised $18,110.00, and the following eurythmists have been named by our donors:

Heidi Haffner Finser

Ruth E.M. Finser

Dolores Kaufman

Margaret Kerndt

Francesca Margulies

Bride McWilliam

Dorothea Mier

Sabina Nordoff

Ann Pratt

Laura Radefeld

Danilla Rettig

Leonore Russell

Alice Stamm

Paula Steele

Stephan Vdoviak

Jason Yates

Those who still wish to recognize a currently practicing eurythmist, or who have taken eurythmy classes from someone in the past, or who wish to recognize a eurythmist either retired or now working from the other side, are invited to make a gift to CfA in that person’s name.

Secure donations can be made on CfA’s website by clicking here.

We urge you to join in this effort to support the quality of the arts in teacher education!

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Spring/Summer 2022

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